After the Death of Old Tyrant Cuba’s Regime Increases Repressions

When Fidel Castro came to power, Cuba was one of the most advanced countries in Latin America and was on the road to development. In 2016 Cuba is a poor country ruled by a totalitarian regime that violates human rights and clings to power for any price.

Many are convinced that Fidel Castro was an epic hero, not knowing that behind the face of social entrepreneur and visionary was hidden a ruthless assassin, a criminal who shot more than three thousand people in the first five years of his revolution. Castro never allowed dissent, violated human rights and prohibited free elections in our country.

President of the United States Barack Obama reached to the Cuban government trying to normalise bilateral relations by elimination of nearly all the restrictions that the embargo imposed on Cuba and encouraging the regime to open the country to the world. In his speech that was broadcasted in all Cuba, Obama explained the benefits of a democratic system where people can choose their rulers. He also emphasized value of human rights.

Unfortunately the reaction of the Cuban regime was just the opposite to what the United States expected. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez on behalf of the regime declared that Cuba would not change. He accused President Obama of interfering in the Cuban internal affairs. The United States ignored these accusations since it was focused on future, whilst Castro’s Cuba clung to the past.

Cuba needs an internal enemy to absolve itself from the responsibility for the economic failures of Castroism. The United States have been an ideal enemy for decades. After Obama offered Cuba openness and friendship Castro was left with nobody to blame for all Cuba’s problems. Then the people of Cuba opened their eyes, but the government increased also its repression. Nobody should forget that the first enemy of the regime is the Cuban people.

After fifty-eight years of the Castroist revolution the repressions and persecution of the Cuban dissent continues. The government launched derogatory campaign against independent press when hurricane Matthew destroyed thousands of houses revealing widespread poverty of the Cubans imposed by the regime. Many journalists from non-official or foreign media were arrested and banned from reporting. The repression is unyielding.

“The demise of the old tyrant Fidel Castro will not change the regime that regularly violates human rights. The regime wants to remain in power indefinitely. Unfortunately the free world is indifferent and silent.”

The regime’s police unleashed a brutal operation against Ms. Sol García Basulto, who reported from the province of Camagüey for the independent on-line daily “14 y Medio” that was tolerated by the regime since Cubans can not access it.

When Ms. García went to the Embassy of Panama in Havana to get her visa for a course on investigative journalism organised by the Latin American Press Centre she was stopped at the checkpoint the regime’s police. Five men and a woman forced her off the coach bus and seized all her belongings leaving her passport. She was taken to the police station. At her release at 2:00 AM she was banned to travel for 60 days.

The repression against the opposition in Cuba is widespread. The police arbitrarily arrested several youth from the dissident organisation “Somos+” who were going to attend a training course at their president’s house. A police officers arrested them before they even reached the house. Havanans were kept in bars for a certain time and then released. Those from inland provinces spent several days in jail before being deported to their cities.

Yes, they were “deported”. As preposterous the concept of deportation inside the country may seems, the Cuban citizens are banned from traveling in their country. They can not move to other city as well without the government permit.

The demise of the old tyrant Fidel Castro will not change the regime that regularly violates human rights. The regime wants to remain in power indefinitely. Unfortunately the free world is indifferent and silent.



Jorge Ros – Cuban pro-democracy activist

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