Facing Indifference of Democratic Nations Cuban Opposition Vows to Fight Against Castro Tyranny





Cuba’s regime still held 107 political activists in detention on Monday after nine rounds of raids on their homes on Sunday, the UNPACU opposition group coordinator José Daniel Ferrer García informed.

There have been 78 arrests in Santiago de Cuba, 10 in Guantanamo, 6 in Granma and 13 in Havana.

Mr. Ferrer in his statement published on Monday on the UNPACU website revealed full-scale of the unprecedentedly vicious and brutal attack of the Castro regime on the opposition group.

“The henchman Dainier Suárez Pagán pushed, and threatened to hit, the young Martha Beatriz Ferrer, who is 6 months pregnant”, Mr. Ferrer stated.

Forces of the Interior Ministry raided and looted nine houses of members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

“Six homes were affected in the Santiago, two in Palma Soriano and one in Palmarito de Cauto.” – Mr. Ferrer said.

The UNPACU coordinators Ovidio Martín Calderín, Julio Antonio Cuesta Martínez, Samuel Leblán Pavón, Juan Salgado Jurado, Yennisey Jiménez Reina, Yeroslandi Calderín Alvarado and Yasmani Magaña Díaz were among activist who were still being detained. “Yoandris Betancourt Castellanos and Rubén Torres Saiz were beaten”, Mr. Ferrer stated.

“”When democratic nations are indifferent and weak in the face of the excesses of Castro’s tyranny, the UNPACU will continue to confront it firmly.”

During raids on the houses of activists the regime’s police operatives took five portable computers, removable disks, memories, mobile phones and their chargers, cameras, printers, receiving radios, books, DVD, pens, lamps and rechargeable batteries, as well as all of the money that activists earned to support their families.

“These robberies are not only intended to deprive us of our tools for work, but to make impossible for us to sustain our families and defeat us with hunger.”, Mr. Ferrer suggested.

While Castro’s regime tried to portray the unprecedented attack on the peaceful organization as a prevention against the chaos and riots due to the call for mass demonstrations, Mr. Ferrer explained a plan of the opposition for the demonstrations in Santiago de Cuba and Havana.

He said that the UNPACU called for “peaceful demonstrations” to stand in solidarity with political prisoners being held by the regime in what he called “subhuman conditions”. Mr. Ferrer stated that the political prisoners were “beaten, tortured” and submitted “to other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.”

“Our intention was to demand the freedom for Danilo Maldonado (El Sexto), the National Coordinator of the MCL Eduardo Cardet and Víctor Campa Almenares, Coordinator of UNPACU in Palma Soriano, as well as to all political prisoners, including 16 women imprisoned for their pro-democracy activism”, Mr. Ferrer stated.

“We would also stand in solidarity with the Ladies in White.”, he informed.

Castro’s regime imprisoned 48 UNPACU members, conducted more than 60 searches and robberies at homes of the UNPACU activists’ families, according to the UNPACU coordinator.

“Hundreds of our activists have been victims of arbitrary, often violent, detentions. Officers in charge of the repressive forces threatened with imprisonment, beatings and even death. Most of the detained activists have made it clear to us that they do not fear and that they continue to fight for freedom, democracy and the welfare of our people.”, Mr. Ferrer said.

Despite the vicious and brutal attack the UNPACU opposition group declared that it will continue its fight for freedom.

“”When democratic nations are indifferent and weak in the face of the excesses of Castro’s tyranny that is becoming more and more aggressive and emboldened, the UNPACU will continue to confront it firmly” Mr Ferrer stated.

(UNPACU, pht)