Cuba’s Opposition Fights With Regime’s Propaganda During the Castro Funeral

The funeral main tyrant of the Cuban regime was another opportunity to attack the dissident groups. At least ten dissidents were arrested while the Castro hearse travelled from Havana to Santiago.

Among those arrested or held in prison without charges were UNPACU dissidents Palma Soriano, Edel Ruiz Hechavarria, Nirma Hernández Peña, Bartolo Cantillo Romero, Jorge Cervantes, Damir Cisneros Rodríguez and coordinator of the UNPACU in the province Zaqueo Baez Guerrero. Mr. Almaguer was reportedly also beaten up by the police

Castro regime did not trust in the decency of Cuban people and sent the officers of oppressive political police to Santiago de Cuba by the end of last week where the hearse with Castro’s ashes broke and his minions buried him in secret.

During the Castro funeral the UNPACU dissidents battling with the propaganda of the regime, that was unfortunately rebroadcasted and reprinted by the thousands of journalists around the world recorded a video (video only in Spanish) with the voluntary statements of Cubans on Castro. “Fidel Castro is not the people, FidelCastro is the devil according to the people”, one interviewee says on the video.

(UNPACU, pht)