Vietnam and Malaysia among top executioners, a new report says

The magnitude of executions in Vietnam in recent years is truly shocking, Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International said. The organization 2016 global review of the death penalty “Death Sentence and Executions 2016” published today.

The 54 page report covers the judicial use of the death penalty for the period January to December 2016 in 55 countries. There authors of the report observed a 37% decrease in the number of executions carried out globally in 2016 as against the previous year.

Although the new report emphasizes an issue of China’s horrifying use of the death penalty it reveals also that the scale of the executions in other Asian countries like Vietnam and Malaysia was even higher than thought.

According to the Amnesty International report Vietnam has secretly been the world’s third biggest executioner over the last three years.