Max Wilson’s admirable result

On March 11 state election that was won by Labor Party Western Australia’s voters decided to support independent candidates for Legislative Assembly with 19970 and 7552 votes for Legislative Council at 67.24 percent counted, roughly 43 percent less compared with contest in 2013. This election 17 candidates competed with party’s backed rivals throughout the state.

An independent candidate for Wanneroo seat Max Wilson received 2.46 percent of votes gaining higher result than his rivals from Micro Business Party and Julie Matheson for Western Australia at 71.11 percent of counted votes. Four hundred and sixty five voters in Wanneroo trusted Max Wilson. Wilson’s achievement was only a fracture of percentage smaller than Linley Ann Pass, a candidate of the well financed Australian Christians party with the army of foot soldiers.

Support for Wilson was almost at one third for the candidate from Green Party and roughly 25 percent of votes for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in Wanneroo.

Max Wilson’s result in Northern suburbs is admirable since he was the candidate, who had not affiliation with any political party. At least two others Brian Brigthman and Rob Johnson had strong links to One Nation and Liberal Party respectively.

Although Brightman had been promoted by the party’s machine until January, he was able to receive only additional 0.53 percent of vote that is 48 votes more than Wilson. Johnson who ran his campaign in Hillarys would most likely not receive his two-digit result if he would not have been promoted by the party’s machine and had an exposure in media as Member of Parliament. Johnson lost his seat.

Mr. Wilson convinced more voters than independent candidates in 8 out of 17 constituencies in Western Australia. Voters in Baldivis, Collie-Preston, Geraldton and Rockingham casted almost 200 votes less to support their independents. Wilson performed also better than candidates in Kimberley, Mirabooka, South Perth or Southern River.

Wilson achievement shows that his campaign effort improved support for an independent candidate in the most recent history of electoral results at Wanneroo. In 2005 Anne Cowley received 1.84 of 91. 33 percent vote. That result was nearly halved from 3.23, which Dave Fort as an independent gained in previous election.

Max Wilson result is evidence that increasing amount of voters in Wanneroo are distancing themselves from the parties’ machines in search for authentically independent representative.

From 1996 to 2005 state elections the popular vote for independent candidates fell from 78,231 to 40,882 and relatively recovered to 47,304 in 2008. In 2013 the support fell again to 33,027, at 2.13 percent of total vote in Western Australia.

Max Wilson’s result is evidence that despite of the overall trend of shrinking support for an independent candidates in the state an increasing amount of voters in Wanneroo are again distancing themselves from the machines of both major and minor political parties in search for authentically independent representative. Wilson’s platform is an alternative for them.