Mr. McGowan shifts Labor position on uranium mining

WA Labor government resigned from increasing mining royalties that could have been emergency shot to the dying budget of the state. “We won’t increase the gold royalty,” Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston said.

Minister dismissed the WA Nationals proposed increase on iron ore royalties paid by BHP and Rio Tinto from 25 cents per tonne to $5 as “silly idea”.

But neither Premier McGowan, nor Treasurer Wyattt nor Johnston himself has come out with any program of raising funds for the plethora of ideas presented during the recent campaign.

Mr. McGowan and Mr. Wyatt limited themselves to the harsh criticisms of the Federal government and loud complaints aimed at WA constituencies.

McGowan government and WA Labor have been seen withdrawing themselves gradually from the radical positions taken during the heated campaign season. The recent example is stance on the uranium mines. WA Labor had previously opposed any form of uranium mining, but Mr McGowan shifted the party’s position to one of allowing any mines “approved to begin construction”.

(ABC, pht)