One Nation’s Pauline Hanson apologises

Senator Pauline Hanson, One Nation Party leader apologized for comments which suggested that children could be tested for allergic reactions before vaccination. “A couple of doctors have said that there is no test. Yes. I do apologise. If that be the case, I am wrong,” Senator said on Channel 7 Sunrise.

She made previous comments on Sunday during the interview on ABC Insiders, in which she also expressed her admiration of Vladimir Putin.

“”It’s a personal decision and I just want parents to make sure they do the right thing by the children, go and speak to the doctor, get the right advice,” added to her apology.

A medical scientist Dr Mike Freelander MP said that he previously wrote to Pauline Hanson. He said that the did not receive any reply from Senator Hanson.

Dr. Freelander stated that he will send send recent information from the Australian Academy of Science. He is also open to meet Senator and her colleagues in the Parliament to present evidence he has witnessed as a pediatrician. “She may not respond but I am very persistent”, he said.

(ABC, Channel 7)