One Nation, Pauline Hanson Ready To Let Cory Bernardi Steer the Wheel

This may be the biggest event in Australian politics in 2017. The wind of change in Australian politics has been blowing since last September when over 9 percent of voters in Queensland chose One Nation senator Pauline Hanson. In Western Australia over 4 percent of voters chose Ms. Pauline Hanson party in the Senate election.

Then in December an unexpected victory of a political outsider, businessman Donald Trump in Presidential elections in the United States formed “a fetch” that like in the Ocean is a foundation for a wave. A fetch is the span of water over which a breeze blows gradually building up the wave. The longer the fetch, the more energy a wave can build up.

The fetch has just became longer on the waters of Australian politics, and the wind of change has blown stronger when Senator Hanson stunned the political world with a statement on her political plans.

In a radio interview on Monday, One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson declared her desire to sit down with Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi to talk about close cooperation with his future political party because she wants “to prevent splitting the votes”. During the radio interview with Miranda Devine, Senator Hanson went as far as to suggest that she is ready to pass political leadership to Mr. Bernardi.

“It is not all about the ego, that’s not me. This is why I am stuck with it because I have not seen anyone else”, Ms. Hanson said. “There has not been anyone else”, she repeated

She stated that she admires Mr. Bernardi. “If Cory Bernardi was the person to do it. I have a lot of respect for Cory. I would love to work with him or join forces or if Cory wants to take over, so be it.”

It needs to be emphasized that the interview appeared on the Sydney 2GB radio show that is rather open, if not semi-sympathetic to the political proposal of banning immigration from some of the Islamic countries that is a part of One Nation party platform. The host of the program did not ask Senator Hanson any tough question on contentious issues.

Senator Cory Bernardi and Gina Rinehart met key members of incoming US president Donald Trump’s team, sparking fears of a split, bankrolled by the mining magnate, the Australian reported on December 22nd, 2016.

Instead of commenting on the report, the mining magnate said: “I can’t comment on gossip but I certainly think very highly of Cory Bernardi.”

The South Australian Liberal senator “dismissed renewed suggestions he was poised to leave the Liberals as gossip and speculation”, the daily stated.

I would love to work with him or join forces or if Cory wants to take over, so be it.

“Look what arrived in the mail as a Christmas gift.  Perhaps next year we should compliment the gluten free labelling of products with halal free. Let’s do away with the money making racket of Halal certification in 2017.” (Photo and text: Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain Facebook Page)

An excerpt of the interview with Senator Pauline Hanson by Miranda Devine


How do you see Cory Bernardi because he will be your number one competition in the Senate?

Yes it is. But look, I like Cory. I think he is great but starting another political party that is on the conservative side is only going to split the vote.

Have you spoken to him about it?

No. He has been overseas. I have not seen Cory. He went overseas a couple of months ago. He is out of Parliament for a couple of weeks. Cory is frustrated with the Liberal party, the Coalition, the National Party and he wants a change, he wants to do something about it. But I would like to sit down and have a talk with Cory and to see whether we can sort of work together because I don’t believe in splitting votes. He has got people that are following him. He has got a lot of people on his Facebook page. I have a lot of people that follow me. I think divided we are not going anywhere, but if we unite with like minded people and push ahead with this, we can make a big change in Australia.

So how would you unite? Would you want him to run as one of your people or would you have a Pauline Hanson – Cory Bernardi One Nation? You are not willing to give away the control that way, are you?

Look Miranda, I have always said if anyone can come along who can do a better job than I, then please do it. Because it is more important to me to see this country to move ahead in such a positive way for the people. It is not all about the ego, that’s not me. This is why I am stuck with it because I have not seen anyone else. I thought Clive Palmer was going to be the person, to actually represent the people, but he didn’t. He fell over.  (…) There has not been anyone else that I really feel that is fighting for me.
If Cory Bernardi was the person to do it, I have a lot of respect for Cory. I would love to work with him or join forces or if Cory wants to take over, so be it. But it is got to be on the issues that I want to fight for the people.

That is big news. You heard it here first. Maybe a senator Pauline Hanson – Cory Bernardi joint ticket for the conservatives? That would certainly give conservatives some way to park their vote away from the Coalition… certainly in the Senate.

I have not spoken to Cory so this is all news to him. I haven’t spoken to him about it. We’ve got to head in the right direction we have got to be a force to be reckoned with in Australia. We need to do something.

(Nights with Miranda Devine – December 26, 2016, 2GB Radio)