Priority is job security and investment for Wanneroo, independent candidate says

Father of two, accomplished businessman who have lived for over twenty years in Carramar and have never belonged to any political party Max Wilson stands as an independent candidate for Wanneroo seat declaring to listen, understand and be a voice for Electorate rather than echo of political parties’ leadership. In an interview with Tribune he stated that people are familiar with politicians saying; for the good of the Party. But, he says, Wanneroo representative is not for the Party but the electorate, state and country: “We need a new way, a different mindset”.

“Wanneroo representative is not for the Party; it is for you, your electorate, your state, and our country. ”

Wanneroo needs to have a center of help for homeless that would enable them rebuild their lives and return to the community, an independent candidate for the seat of Wanneroo Max Wilson said last week.

In an interview less than three weeks before the state election, Mr. Wilson expressed frustration with the Liberal and Labor governments’ lack of vision and its ineffectiveness when it comes to honor basic human rights of homeless and unemployed. But he also appreciated initiatives of previous lawmakers in Western Australia.

Homelessness, Mr. Wilson said, is a complex issue that must be addressed with focus on all of its aspects. Western Australia, in contrast, often appears that government focuses its all energy and resources on an investment in the infrastructure projects.

“I am sometimes a little bit sick for all of this infrastructure we are financing but are forgetting how we can help people to rebuild their lives”, he said. “Let us bring them back to the community, not outside of community”.

Mr. Wilson said that he has already talked about the establishing a center of help and assistance to homeless with local government and City of Wanneroo. The center must provide bedding, food and the recovery program that would re-enable them to provide for their families and contribute to the community.

“Wanneroo needs to have a center that allow house these people for whatever reason”, he emphasized. “It is not a blaming situation for anyone who found themselves in the situation that is extremely unfortunate.”

“While an independent candidate in Wanneroo continues knocking at the doors he asks himself: how to improve situation of other people rather than more fortunate, who have jobs and wealth, taking everything.”

Mr. Wilson, a business manager and father of two, spoke with Tribune near the Neerabup industrial park that, according to the independent research, can provide thousands of modern jobs if investors are attracted, a view that is shared by the candidates of both major parties. But Mr. Wilson chose to speak first about still unresolved issue of the water shortage for farms in Carabooda that cannot sell its produce on overseas markets.

“There is solution that can be brought very quickly”, Mr. Wilson said. “But current government have not done much about it.”

After decades he spent in business Mr. Wilson understands problems of enterprises overburdened with excessive taxation and regulations. He declares to be a strong voice for small and medium companies in local Parliament. He understands that government does not create jobs but the state lawmakers can and should provide equal opportunities for family businesses.

“Much more needs to be done to assure Western Australians about the job security and income”, he said.

Mr. Wilson’s criticism of current government extends to the ineffective lobbying for increase of GST share that depends on the decision of Prime Minister who can make Treasurer to implement it without necessity of voting by states.

“We are not trying enough do it, losing billion of dollars”, independent candidate stated. “This is ridiculous”.

The fiscal condition of Western Australia is getting weaker every day with an increasing debt that amounts to almost 30 billion dollars that costs the state 50 million a day. Liberals and Labor appear to ignore that reality promising new expenses that are 5 billion dollars worth.

As businessman Mr. Wilson calls this situation “unsustainable” and questions the common sense of such strategy.

Being an independent candidate he is not bound by the parties propaganda line on the most important issue of this election that is privatisation of Western Power. Liberals contrary to the common sense declared how much money that sale can bring in while the asset is not on the market. Labor repeat Unions claim that privatisation of the Western Power will result in raise of energy price although independent regulator sets the rate.

Mr. Wilson is not convinced that sale of the Western Power can address debt or any other economic issues of the state. He is against privatisation. “ I have not heard an argument that would convince me for the sale of Western Power”, he said. “I think it should stay in predominantly public hands.”

Disillusioned with the political class Max Wilson decided to run as an independent candidate one year ago. But if he wins he promises to support elected government to encourage stability and bipartisanship approach in the Parliament.

People want stability, Mr. Wilson said, so he would never have confidence to vote against the government per se. “I would always look at the legislation and see whether it is benefitting either my electorate or the greater region or the greater state.”

“Much more needs to be done to assure Wanneroo people about the job security and income”

Max Wilson has been inspired by John F. Kennedy’s compassionate politics that united both parties in America. He wants to follow his steps.

While an independent candidate in Wanneroo continues knocking at the doors he asks himself: how to improve situation of other people rather than more fortunate, who have jobs and wealth, taking everything. “We need to make their lives better to make community life better”, he says.

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