Putin Content With Trump White House Policy Towards Russia

In case anyone thinks that Vladimir Putin is not convinced that he is going to get everything he wants from Donald Trump – an end to sanctions, deference to Russia’s claim of a sphere of influence over the former Soviet space, and much else – a Russian television broadcast last evening should convince them of that fact.

On his weekly program, Dmitry Kiselyov, the Russian host who not so long ago talked about Russia’s ability to reduce the United States to a pile of radioactive rubble, positively reviewed the Trump Administration and declared that Russia and the US have “always cooperated in difficult times”.

Given the central role of state television in Putin’s regime, such a statement was clearly intended to send two important signals to Russians: Russian-American cooperation is back now that Trump is president, and this cooperation will take the form first and foremost of a combined military effort against ISIS in the Middle East.


Paul Goble – political scientist and diplomat. He is an analyst, writer and columnist with expertise on Russia.