WA Liberals Closer To Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, Support It

Western Australia’s Liberal Party leader Premier Colin Barnett confirmed the the Liberal headquarters had done a deal with Pauline Hanson that will see it get preferences from One Nation in lower house seats at the March 11 poll.

Liberal Party shifted preference to One Nation ahead of coalition partners the Nationals in the election.

Mr. Barnett called this decision “a pragmatic”.

Mr. Barnett during the campaign appeared to embrace so-called “ban on burka” one of the most important elements of the political program of One Nation party. Although he denied that WA is planning to introduce such plan, he said that he would prefer “that type of clothing” was not worn in Australia.

“I think when people come from other countries with other religious beliefs … I would appeal to people not to wear that type of clothing in Australia and as Australian citizens.”

Such a statement can not be interpreted differently than very clear statement of support for the main theme of the political program of One Nation party although expressed in a soft form.