A New Conservative Party Becomes Third Force In Portugal

Over 7 per cent of likely voters supported the political party CHEGA in the poll published on Monday.

Along with Socialist Party and Social-Democratic Party and new Conservative party may win 12 seats in 230 MPs Parliament.

The formation described its result as "excellent". The result of its "great work" and that thousands of Portuguese, despite the stigmatization and attacks on CHEGA!, did not allow themselves to be intimidated. CHEGA! we promised and fulfilled: we are the third political force in Portugal, asserted party's leader, law professor, Mr. André Ventura.

In his speech, he said that his party assumes the role that history has reserved for them and recalled that after the 2019 elections, in which CHEGA! won 1 deputy, he stated that in eight years they would be the greatest political force in Portugal. "Two passed and we are already the third."

CHEGA! which means in Portuguese enough! stands for low taxes and minimum state intervention in the economy.

A strong proponent of Western civilisation,  the party opposes radical Islamism and proposes stronger border controls. CHEGA! states that it supports the original "four freedoms" principle of free movement of goods, capital, services and people among member states.  But argues for a "Europe of sovereign nations" united by shared Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian principles rathen the European Union.

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