Australia Needs To Prepare For More Conflicts With Communist China

"People from Hong Kong and all Chinese background support Australia government!" rally is taking place at the Town Hall on Dec. 13, 2020 in Sydney. (Photo: The Owner/Jenny)



When dealing with Communists, do not listen to their words, only observe their deeds. Look, we, in Hong Kong, are suffering, but Australia does not need to learn the hard way.

I can tell the Chinese communists are the biggest liars ever. They often talk of the sweetest the righteous while doing the ugliest, the shameless, and the evil. They make many promises which will never keep. They will issue many cheques, but these cheques will be dud ones.  

The Tibetans and the minorities learned the lesson in the 1950s. The Southeast Asians in the 1960s and the 1970s, while Hong Kong people convinced themselves in recent years. Even smart individuals, like Donald Trump and his associates, got the lesson, and yet, as of today, many people still buy the Communist stories because they are either naive or greedy to bow to Chinese money. 

Since becoming a member of the World Trade Organisation, Communist China has acquired a financial position to flex its muscles around the world. 

Mainland influence destroyed the democratic institutions

The Chinese Communist regime agreed in 1982 to uphold the Sino-British Declaration with a guarantee of fifty years of the unchanged political system under one country two systems for fifty years. Most of the people had deluded themselves that the Communist would abide by the treaty, maintaining the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong. In their wishful thinking, they expected that life would still go on as normal, missing the fact that, that their days were numbered. 

Most had deluded themselves that the Communist would abide by the treaty,
but the days of the prosperous and stable Hong Kong were numbered.

Soon after the handover, most local business and political leaders in Hong Kong all of a sudden devoted their loyalty to China, communist proxies and sidekicks all came out in force. It did not take too long for the Communist regime to reveal its true face.  

At first, Beijing took control of the mass media, and the next step was to control the economy in Hong Kong. By pumping the capital, they diluted foreign and the local assets of the Communist elites who could travel freely and take vital positions in various sectors of the Hong Kong society – in the business community, the government bodies, the political institutions, the universities, even in communities. 

The Hong Kong government transformed into Beijing’s puppet financed by the local taxpayers.

The Cathay Pacific, the banking sector, the entertainment industry, ICAC, and the Stock Exchange that was once the icon of Hong Kong achievement, deflated and lost their function after the implementation of so-called Chinese elements.

The immigration policy is another example of the Chinese colonisation of Hong Kong. Each year, the region has to absorb about fifty thousand migrants from the Mainland, in addition, to already settled of over a million Chinese immigrants since 1997. 

British PM Margaret Thatcher is talking to the First Secretary of Chinese Communist Party Deng Xiaoping during her visit in Beijing on September 24, 1982. (Archives)


Immigration from Mainland disrupts housing

, affects youth

The influx of Chinese has serious consequences on the policy of housing. Due to the continued high demand, property prices are elevated and increasing. Hong Kong ranks as the second most expensive city in the world in the category of accommodation. It is beneficial for the developers and bankers, but not for ordinary citizens, especially the young generation that cannot afford an apartment, which is the root of social discontent.

For nearly two centuries, Hong Kong has generously provided refuge to asylum seekers, dissidents, and political refugees, including for those Communists who were oppressed by the late Kuomintang government in the 1930s. Now, ironically Hong Kong people have to seek refuge in other countries.

Political correctness is at its high,
while people are discouraged from seeking truth and justice.


But the worst is yet to come. Hong Kong has been deteriorating in every aspect of its life, especially in public debate. Political correctness is at its high, while people are discouraged from seeking truth and justice. Patriotism has replaced civil liberty, and authority has replaced tolerance. 

The Chinese communists will not leave alone the judiciary system of Hong Kong. The foreign judges experienced criticism for not toeing the line drawn by the communist officials there.

For the regime, political prosecution is the way to deal with civil defiance. Pro-democracy members of the Legislative Council, the Parliament, were removed from office. Political activists who won in the democratic election were disqualified due to being found to be politically incorrect. 

Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1994. (Archives/Andreas Gursky)

Like Hong Kong, Australia also faces multi-dimensional threat of Beijing

Unlike the former Soviet Union, the threat of Communist China is multidimensional, not only the military one. I would suggest that the Chinese Communist Party is a hybrid of Nazis, the imperialists, and the mafias, which excels in infiltration, subversion, camouflage, and propaganda. 

The business community of Australia must learn a lesson from the recent disputes with China
and not rely on the so-called China market.

There are over one billion low educated and brainwashed by the propaganda of the Communist Party ultra-nationalists who live in China. But their mindset is ego-centric, and their worldview distorted. They are convinced that Westerners want to stop the growth of China, which is always right. The West, you, are always wrong, they think. Therefore with such an attitude Chinese can be the best reserve of cannon folder should China start a war. 

The irrationality and bullying of China are evidence the regime is the hegemony of Asia Pacific.

The business community of Australia must learn a lesson from the recent disputes with China and not rely on the so-called China market. It is not a free market but an economy manipulated by communists who can shut it down erratically whenever one fails to accommodate their political agenda.

Diversification of the exports is the way to go. 

The protesters are wearing masks of the First Secretary of Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping, right, and Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam during a demonstration in Hong Kong, Oct. 18, 2019. (AP)


The attitude of a firm stance of Australia up to Beijing is correct

The Australian government has taken the right stance. History teaches that if one shows weakness to the Communists, they will exploit it and take a step forward. But if one stands firm, they will back down.

Australia did not bow down to the Japanese Yen that Tokyo would become the largest trade-partner,
we should not do it in the case of China either.


We should not have to bow to the Chinese renminbi to obtain a trade deal as we did not have to bow down to the Japanese Yen in the 1980s to become the largest trading partner.

Australia needs to prepare for possible conflicts with China in the South China Sea, in the South Pacific region, and even in the Antarctic.

But Australia is not isolated because we have allies in the region to react to the belligerence of China.  

Australians, please listen to this message: you do not need to learn the hard way. Watch and learn from our horrid experience in Hong Kong before it is too late for Australia. 

Mr. Cheng is an Australian of Hong Kong origins.

This article is an edited version of his remarks delivered during the rally in Sydney in the support of Australian government policy on Communist China on December 13, 2020.

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