Australia PM Promises No Cuts To Healthcare If Elected

Mr. Scott Morrison announced investment in two new navy patrol boats.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday emphasised the importance of asylum seeker policy, saying the new patrol boats would play an “ongoing and important role” in Australia ‘s border protection capabilities, while also criticising Labor for its past approach on the issue.

When Labor abolished temporary protection visas in 2008, the armada of people smugglers’ boats came to Australia and that was the launching point, and I note that people smugglers are very aware of my resolve, Mr. Morrison said.

Campaigning in Perth to announce investment in two new navy patrol boats.

Replying to Labor's leader suggestions that Liberals would shrink healthcare, Mr. Morrison stated that there would be no cuts to Medicare if his government were re-elected.

Although medical costs are increasing Mr. Albanese and his Labor party has irresponsibly brought healthcare, not defence, to the public attention. To preserve it as effective program the price hikes would be necessary. Australians should pay much more for healthcare, even 20-30 per cent, especially those who earn much, the former University of Texas economics professor Steve Wise told in an interview with TheOwner.

Labor seized on Medicare as a key issue after Mr. Morrison said on Sunday that he would appoint Ms. Anne Ruston as health minister if he is returned to office. Ms. Ruston several years ago described Medicare as unsustainable.

This is a health minister, now designate if they’re successful in the election, who we know will undermine Medicare, who has said that the current model is not sustainable, Labor opposition leader Anthony Albanese told reporters in Brisbane.

But Mr Morrison insisted on Monday that there would be no cuts to Medicare if his government were re-elected. Anne Ruston said yesterday there would not be any cuts and I would repeat that today, he told reporters.


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