Beijing Halts Timber Imports From Australia

Communist China does not even try to conceal that it decided to harass Australian business using the leverage on the important Australian exports.

Beijing has stopped the import of all timber from the Australian state of Victoria after customs officials said they had discovered pests, the reports said on Thursday.

Australia's Agriculture Minister David Littleproud confirmed the reports that the General Administration of Customs in China had informed the agriculture department that all export of logs from the state of Victoria are suspended as of 11 November.

"Don't China's trade sanctions and threats
make a mockery of free trade agreements?"


Mr Littleproud said in a statement that the latest timber suspension follows, according to Beijing, the detection of bark beetle in logs exported from Victoria this year and concerns around fumigation of bushfire affected logs.

Don't China's trade sanctions and threats make a mockery of free trade agreements? - pressed the government independent Parliamentarian Bob Katter.



We recognise that there is a range of factors behind each trade issue, in main China has been at pains to talk about the technical aspects China has alleged non-compliance with various technical import requirements, replied the minister representing the Minister for Trade Mr. Dan Tehan.

One of the benefits of the Free Trade Agreement we have with China is that it gives us the parameters to work through these disputes, and that is what we will be seeking to do with China, he added.

In just two-three weeks, Chinese inspectors suddenly assessed that the wineries were illegally subsiding their products, that the same was happening to many other products, including coal, barley, copper ore and concentrate, sugar, and lobster. All of the issues are manufactured and aimed to inflict significant damage to the Australian economy.

Xi Jinping attack at Australia is in line
with his murderous Communist-Leninist ideology.
He is a good student of Lenin.

Some observers pointed at three reasons which might lead to the Beijing fury: the exposure and prosecution of Communist China's spies, rejection of the so-called Belt and Road, Xi's favorite project, and call for an independent inquiry into the origin of the Wuhan virus. But the specialists on Communist China disagree, stating that Xi decided now to openly attack Western allies in the region beginning from the strongest one, Australia.

It is in line with his murderous Communist-Leninist ideology that requires constant prove of supremacy over the West because Xi is a good student of Lenin, concludes former European civilian intelligence analyst Dr. Shelby Hawthorne. Exporters should mark Beijing as an unpredictable and risky customer, he advised.



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