China Forces Russia To Pull Out of Kazakhstan

China's Foreign Ministry supported Kazakhstan regime request for Russia's Army to leave the country.

Russia-led military bloc began to pull its troops out of Kazakhstan on Thursday after a week-long deployment which helped the Central Asian nation overcome the worst bout of violent unrest in its post-Soviet history.

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev asked for assistance from the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) last week as violence gripped half of the country while he dismissed some of his senior security officials who were later charged with treason.

Beijing, which invested in the Kazakhstan mining industry, has offered support for fluent in Mandarin Mr. Tokayev who said that the order in the country is an internal matter of the local government. Last week, China reacted with coldness to the news of foreign intervention.

The statement on Thursday was understood as a call upon Russia and its allies to leave Kazakhstan as soon as possible.

This week, Mr. Tokayev said, the regime had stabilised the situation and completed what they called an “anti-terrorist operation” in most of the country, its biggest city Almaty a notable exception.

Thanks to your arrival, Kazakh military and security forces were able to carry out their immediate task of locating and detaining bandits, Kazakh Deputy Defence Minister Mukhamedzhan Talasov told departing CSTO troops on Thursday.

The alliance said on Wednesday the contingent would take about ten days to fully withdraw.

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