Communist China Tightens Control Over Its Data Centers

Beijing regime has approved building clusters of data centres in four provinces.

Advertised as an innovation, the four country's new data centres will be linked closely to the censorship facilities. All new locations are coordinated with four war theaters, the military administrative regions.

Communist China fearing the intrusion by the Western specialised sea vessels, decided to relocate the data centres from the East Coast to four different provinces.

The centres will be in northern Inner Mongolia region, northwestern Ningxia region, Gansu province, and southwestern Guizhou province, the state planner said.

It is unclear how China would turn western and northern regions such as Ningxia and Gansu, which are 1,000 km that is 600 miles from the coast, into actively operating centres of computing power given the data latency caused by the huge distances to data users in the east.

A marine economy development plan published on Dec. 14 encouraged major coastal cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai to relocate high energy-consuming data centres to underwater locations to cut energy used for cooling.

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