Communist China Jails Praying Uyghurs in the Archipelago of the Concentration Camps. Including children



An indispensable element of so-called 'Chinese Dream', the neo-totalitarianism under Xi Jinping is militant atheism and the Soviet denunciation system. 


A landscape looks like it is a construction area. But is the tidy and ordered one. The sand and gravel are separated in rows reminding of the desert dunes. The half-built building with a small dome is on the second plan of the photo. In the front, a group of eleven men on their knees. Their hands raised, eyes closed. Some are wearing a doppa, a head-cover characteristic for this region. Communist China calls it Xinjiang Autonomous Region but the original inhabitants, Uyghurs, named it East Turkestan.

No photographer can capture such scenes anymore in this part of the world.

Seventy-three years ago, nearly three years after the end of World War II, forty-eight states voted for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. During the devastating war, human life mattered nearly nothing. But at the signing, a hope was born that document with thirty articles clearly defining the moral sovereignty and independence of every person will lay a foundation for new legal standards. And thus it would facilitate global peace. Among the signatories of this document was Communist China.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion states Article 18 of the document signed by the Beijing representative. This right includes the liberty to practice the religion in teaching, worship, and observance in private and public with other people.

Today, more than any time in its communist history, China denies that right to citizens of the northwest region called by Chinese Xinjiang, and Uyghurs East Turkestan.

Although the Chinese Communist Party of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, which is occupied East Turkestan, imposed a ban on the daily prayer called namaz in 2017, the wave of anti-religious persecution has increased in recent months.

Today, more than any time in its communist history,
China denies Uyghurs the right to freely practice their faith

The Communist Party-sponsored village police officers are entering private homes to command compliance and arresting those who continue to pray.

 Only the 65 years old believers and older can practice prayer, according to those who escaped the region.

We do not do things like let younger people into the mosques, one Uyghur is quoted in the report. But they can, only if they are 65 or older, the interviewee states.

The reports of the independent journalists and the survivors of the brutal atheisation by Communist Beijing confirmed, that Xi Jinping's regime has blatantly violated the rights of Uyghurs guaranteed by the Declaration of Human Rights.

Ms. Eleonore Roosevelt is holding a poster of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration in the Article 18 guarantees every person freedom to profess religion publicly and in private. (FDR Presidential Library & Museum))

Communist China's regime operatives are forbidding ethnic Uyghurs to pray every day in the silence of their homes. Children under 18 are banned completely from attending a mosque or any prayer meeting.

Xi Jinping re-launches old-Soviet immensely inhumane system against Uyghurs

The report said, that the regime also enforced perfidious rules according to which neighbors must spy on neighbors. Soviet regime's secret police NKVD invented that system in the previous century.

The practice of denunciation was widespread in the Soviet Union. As Soviet-history researcher Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick from University of Chicago observed a popular Soviet phrase: Everyone, except the people who were too lazy answers the question of who wrote denunciations. An important part of the Communist party's ethos is denunciation.

Xi Jinping imposes the most inhumane and intrinsically evil
elements of the murderous Leninist/Stalinist system on Uyghurs
and any dissident in Communist China


The definition of denunciation (in Russian donos) in Ozhegov's Soviet dictionary published in the 1960s is a secret communication to a representative of the regime or a superior about somebody's illegal activity. But word illegal is misleading because, as another specialist on Soviet system observed Mikhail Voslensky in his book "Nomenklatura - The Soviet Ruling Class" under the Communist system there is no law only the legalised lawlessness.

Mr. Voslensky explains, that the Communist party turns citizens into fully obedient slaves of the regime with the system of denunciation.

Uyghur people of age younger than 65 are banned from prayer or attending the mosques under Xi Jinping's regime the legalised lawlessness. (AFP)

It is exactly such a Soviet-originated system that Comrade Xi Jinping's regime has re-imposed on China and continues deceptively to portray it as Chinese one. This thought-control system is an indispensable part of what he calls deceptively 'Chinese Dream'.

"An intrinsically evil system that damages depths of the society's moral fabric"

The CCP secret police's imposed a denunciation scheme called ten-household system. It requires neighbors to keep watch day and night for the mistake of the others during the week. Subsequently, on Mondays, they must file information with that mistake to a special box. The local Communist operatives collect the reports and deliver them to the police station.

According to the reports, the secret police labels everyone who does not report any mistake within a given week an individual suffering ideological problems. Police operatives arrest such person and take into the village cadre’s office for questioning—a threat which has effectively compelled neighbours to find fault in their neighbours’ smallest, most innocuous everyday actions. Those who are charged with "extremism", because they prayed at home, face penalties including incarceration in Xinjiang’s network of concentration camps.

The victims are young and old including children, according to the some reports, as young as 10 years old. Chinese Communist police operatives separate the younger children and send to the brain-washing centres called deceptively "orphanages".

The denunciation scheme is an intrinsically evil system
that damages depths of the moral fabric of the society

It is an intrinsically evil system that breaks depths of the moral fabric of the society, commented retired history and ethics Professor Joerg Wuthenbaum in an interview with The Owner.

Chinese Communist Party unjustly imprisoned at least 3 million innocent Uyghurs in Chinese GULAG, in this system of torture and persecution camps, since 2017.

We don’t do things like let younger people into the mosques, an interviewed person said. But it’s fine if they’re 65 or older, the person informed.

Communist operatives acting in the name of Leninist militant atheism pose as religious authorities

Communist operatives enforcing the ban introduce themselves to Uyghur families as representatives of the mosque administrative committees, one of the operatives said. But in reality, they are operatives of the notorious Chinese secret police.

We tell them not to take part in any religious activities, the author of the report quoted one of them. 

The interviewee withdrew information about the unjust punitive system of the concentration and slave labour camps that praying Uyghurs are facing.

Faced with police strict orders, people have no other choice but to preserve the unjust restrictions, the reports said.

But it is still uncertain whether and how effective is the system of informants that breaks the psyche and moral stance of persecuted innocent people. It is possible, that, as some reports said, the heartless and soulless Beijing-send secret police operatives are almost entirely responsible for this most tragic wave of persecution and intimidation of the Uyghur nation.

In February, the most renowned London attorneys assessed that the evidence and confirmed that Communist China has committed the genocide. Among the evidence were the statements of the survivors, the specialists-analysed data, and the satellite imagery as well as the CCTV cameras footage.
Last week Parliaments of Canada and The Netherlands enacted this conclusion in a bi-partisanship vote.


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