Cuban Regime Sentences Opposition UNPACU Leader To Four Years in Prison

Cuban opposition leader Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia
Cuban opposition UNPACU leader Mr. Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia (AFP)

The Judge of the Municipal Criminal Court of Santiago de Cuba reversed the house arrest for Mr. Jose Daniel Ferrer to penitentiary imprisonment for alleged breach of the freedom limitation requirements imposed in 2020, a family has learned from the document issued by the Prosecutor's Office.

Relatives of the Cuban opposition leader José Daniel Ferrer García, arrested on the day of the national uprising in Cuba on July 11, have released on Tuesday a document issued by the Prosecutor's Office. The regime official indicated that Mr. Ferrer must serve four years and 14 days in prison for allegedly having breached the freedom limitation requirements established in a sanction previously imposed in 2020.

The court sentenced UNPACU leader on February 26, 2020,  to four years and six months in prison, a sanction later replaced by house arrest. Mr. Ferrer had waited for the trial in the Aguadores Prison in Santiago de Cuba.

After his release from prison, Mr. Ferrer explained in an interview with Radio Martí that he did not accept any sentence. It is the sentence for something I had not done, he emphasised at that time. The Prosecutor asked the judge to leave the opposition leader in jail and multiply the sentence by at least three times.

Mr. Ferrer said that he would not comply with the sentence stressing that his duty was to democratise Cuba and overthrow the tyranny. I do not agree with any limitations of my freedom, and I will continue to demonstrate, organising, fight against tyranny until Cuba is free, he stated.

The regime imprisons Cuban opposition leader for his alleged defiance of authority

The leader has kept his promise. On Sunday, July 11, he left his house with his son to join the protests in the city of Santiago de Cuba. The secret police immediately arrested both of them in the vicinity of their house.

According to the document, on August 12, six judges decided to imprison Cuban opposition leader Mr. Ferrer. The court considered that Mr. Ferrer García was not compliant and maintained an attitude adverse to the sentence. The judges assessed that he demonstrated inappropriate behavior and defiance of authority. Therefore he will now serve the rest of the sentence in prison.  

A prominent Victims of Communism Foundation awarded Mr. Jose Daniel Ferrer García with the Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom for the defense of human rights in Cuba.

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