For Xi Jinping Chinese Business Is An Asset in the Leninist Revolution

Communist China's economic system fully directed and supervised by the Chinese Communist Party does not differentiate between military or non-military technologies or business entities.


Utilising the old familiar Soviet deception tactics, Communist China has been trying to deceive the citizens of the Western democracies that its goals is peaceful development. It has been aided by paid or unpaid agents of influence in the Western business, academia, and political arena in that mission.

On the contrary, from the Chinese "ambassador" to the Chinese minister to the Chinese leader, the Chinese Communist Party is dreaming about the destruction of Western capitalism and the multi-party system since this is the unlimited goal of currently taught Leninism called as "Xi Jinping Thought". From the village party organisations to the ones in the Chinese military's Central Command there has been mobilisation to advance the Leninist-style revolution that would defeat the Western capitalism that destroyed the Soviet Union.


Every Western reader must realise that Comrade Xi Jinping is on the mission to rebuild the Soviet Empire,
but this time with the centre not in Moscow but Beijing.
To achieve it, he has to destroy the order built by Western democracies.

Every Western reader must realise that Xi Jinping is on the mission to rebuild the Soviet Empire this time with the centre in Beijing, not in Moscow. In order to achieve it, he has to defeat the United States with any means including military.

It means, that Mr. Xi Jinping with the horde of a new Chinese barbarians from his Chinese Communist Party threatens your future. He threatens your job, wealth, health and of course liberty and freedom. He is Leninist fanatic who is as cruel as those who murdered millions, including Lenin-himself, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol-Pot and other followers the same ideology Mr. Xi has imposed on Communist China.

It is why he began to weaken the Western economies beginning from Australia and preparing an invasion of Taiwan.

Xi Jinping threatens your freedom, and he began the war against the West
by undermining the Australian economy - it is only the beginning.

He is not peacemaker but the militarist for whom, according to Lenin, every method is ethical to achieve the major goal of the Communist revolution.

According to this plan, Chinese firms, like its Soviet predecessors, are nothing but hostile entities planted in the democratic West to destroy democratic institutions. They are not a source of economic growth for the West, neither the organisations with pure business aims. Beijing instructed them to exploit and steal the technological advancement of the West, which Communist China would never achieve due to their fixation on the criminal ideology of Leninism with its unlimited objectives.

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