Handgrip Levels an Early Signs of Diabetes II


New research published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine has documented, that an individual’s particular handgrip strength can show early signs of having type 2 diabetes, reports Robby Berman. “Our study identifies the levels of handgrip strength/weakness that correlate with [type 2 diabetes] in otherwise healthy men and women, according to their body weights and ages,” says lead investigator Elise C. Brown, Ph.D.”

Getting A Grip On Diabetes Robby Berman MNT

Neurodiverse Children have Learning Difficulties

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have discovered the reason why individuals who are neurodiverse have learning difficulties:“(...) The team found that the children's brains were organised around hubs, like an efficient traffic system or social network. Children who had well-connected brain hubs had either very specific cognitive difficulties, such as poor listening skills, or had no cognitive difficulties at all.”

Poor Connectivity Affects Cognitive Function In Neurodiverse Population University Of Cambridge Science Daily

Added Sugars Diet A Cause of Life Long Health Issues for Children

David Perlmutter, MD explains why parents should not feed their infant, a diet with added sugars as it has life long detrimental health effects: “The study reveals that there appears to be, over time, a fairly significant reduction in non-milk food items consumed by infants. Further, as it relates to one of the most common sources of sugar for infants, fruit juice, in comparing the two time periods fruit juice consumption declined from 13 to 6.5 per cent...Perhaps the reduction in sugar consumption by infants reflects an increased parental awareness of various sugar-related health issues.”

Parental Food Choices Have Life Long Consequences David Perlmutter, MD Dr Perlmutter

Social Distancing May Cause Obesity

Jane E. Brody describes the results of a newly published report examining the negative psychological and physical health consequences of social distancing: “Based on a variety of studies, Dr. Murthy reports, the impact of social isolation and loneliness on longevity equals that of smoking 15 cigarettes a day and exceeds the risks associated with obesity, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of exercise. Advice to avoid Covid-19 through social distancing can, for many people, increase the risk of physical and emotional harm from inadequate social contact.”

Human Connection Is Imperative To Longevity  Jane E. Brody NY Times

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