Hezbollah Threatens Israel With Attack Over Border Dispute

Terror group leader said on Wednesday he wanted Lebanon, like Israel, to be able to extract oil and gas threatening Jerusalem with attack.

Hours after President Joe Biden arrived in Israel at the start of his first visit to the Middle East as president, Sayyed Hassan Narallah delivered a televised speech. He stated that Lebanon should be able to extract oil and gas in Lebanese waters.

Mr. Narallah warned that sending unarmed drones over the Karish gas field in the Mediterranean earlier this month was “a modest beginning to where the situation could be heading.”

On July 2, the Israeli military said it shot down three drones before Hezbollah issued a statement saying they were unarmed and were sent on a reconnaissance mission. “The mission was accomplished and the message was received, a Hezbollah terror group's statement said at the time.

Israel considers the Iranian-backed Lebanese group its most serious immediate threat, estimating it has some 150,000 rockets and missiles aimed at Israel.

The message of the drones meant that we are serious and we are not after a psychological war but we are gradually moving in our steps, Mr. Nasrallah said, adding that Lebanese officials should take advantage of his group’s strength to use it in indirect talks.

Mr. Nasrallah added that “whatever we are supposed to do, we will without any hesitation. This message was understood by the Israelis and by the Americans, he added.

The incident in the Karish gas field took place soon after U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein visited Lebanese and Israeli officials, as talks were advancing.

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