Hong Kong’s New, Beijing-approved Patriots-only Governance To Prioritise Housing Issues

A new, patriots-Beijing regime accepted only authorities will focus on a shortage of housing and increasing land supply, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday.

Ms. Lam’s remarks come after media reported last week that Chinese officials have told Hong Kong’s powerful tycoons in closed meetings this year that they should pour resources and influence into backing Beijing’s interests and helping solve the city’s housing shortage.

On Sunday, Hong Kong held its first vote since Communist China overhauled the former British colony’s electoral system to ensure that only “patriots” run the city. The government considers a patriot to be a person who pledges loyalty to Hong Kong and China.

The changes dramatically reduced the tycoons’ influence in the 1,500-strong committee that selects Hong Kong’s China-backed chief executive, although groups close to their business interests retain a presence.

Asked about the media report at her weekly new conference, Lam told reporters she could not confirm or comment on “rumours.”

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