Human Rights Lawyers Warn Cuban Officials Against Complicity in Genocide

Cuban regime recruites plainclothes guards to crack down on pro-freedom protesters.
Cuban regime recruites plainclothes guards to crack down on pro-freedom protesters. (AFP)

The independent legal consultancy Cubalex warned on Wednesday Cubans who participate in acts of repudiation against human rights defenders with their actions, they commit various crimes, including genocide.

A few days before the civic demonstration called by the Archipelago platform for November 15, the Commission for the Support and Protection of the Protesters released its second report on the repression in Cuba, in which it warns that the regime wants to impose a feeling of powerlessness on the people, to avoid public protests.

The non-governmental organisation rebuked human rights violators explaining that, even according to current Communist law, crackdown on the dissent is crime.

You who participate in acts of repudiation, who threaten to hit anyone who exercises human rights, be aware that you are the direct author of several crimes, including genocide, Cubalex lawyers warned.

The human rights defenders explained that everyone has right to profess, share and defend any philosophy of life, as long as it is respectful dialogue that offers alternatives that build a better society.

Cubalex lawyers emphasised that the Cuban Penal Code does not establish the defense of an ideology as a ground for exempting criminal responsibility. One can be tried, both inside or abroad, stated the NGO's representatives.

"Say yes to peace, freedom and civility"

A group of 15 Cuban Catholic priests published a letter on Wednesday asking not to repress the Civic March for Change, scheduled for November 15 on the island.

The letter is addressed to all the people and entities summoned to repress the peaceful demonstration of 15N, after the Cuban government denied permission to the conveners and accused them of being in the pay of the United States.

We do not want to see police beat their people again, the priests claim. We do not want blood to be shed again, or to hear gunshots again, that is not the path that will take us to the Cuba that we need and that we all desire, they explained.

We request you to always follow the voice of your conscience, that voice that tells us that the path is neither intolerance nor repression. Make it for Cuba, for you, for your children. On November 15 choose respect, care, peace, and do not accept any invitation to violence, Cuban priests appealed.

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