Immune System More Crucial than a Vaccine

Boost Your Immune System

Dr Amy Myers comprehensively explains what is the coronavirus and shares natural approaches including nutritional advice on how to prevent the risk of infection:“Those in good health are more likely to stave off illness and/or recover quickly, so support your immune system and your overall health with fresh, organic foods. Choose grass-fed meats, organic chicken and wild-caught fish. Eat a wide array of organic produce and avoid toxic and inflammatory foods including gluten, dairy, highly processed foods, alcohol, and sugar.”

Natural Approach To Treat The Coronavirus Amy Myers, MD Amy Myers MD

Protect Children Covid-19 May Infect Them

The news reports globally give the impression that only adults especially the elderly contract the coronavirus also known as COVID-19. A new medical study has provided evidence that children are also susceptible to being infected writes Stephanie Pappas: “The new research shows that children do, in fact, catch the coronavirus at about the same rate as adults. According to the findings, 7.4% of children exposed to one of the known carriers of the disease in the study later tested positive for the disease, similar to the population average of 7.9%.”

Coronavirus Does Infect Young Children Stephanie Pappas Live Science

Mobile Phones Target Covid-19 Contacts

The Israeli government have firm plans to tap the mobile phones of individuals, normally reserved for counter terrorism to combat the war against COVID-19, David Halbfinger and his colleagues elaborate: “The idea is to sift through geolocation data routinely collected from Israeli cellphone providers about millions of their customers in Israel and the West Bank, find people who came into close contact with known virus carriers, and send them text messages directing them to isolate themselves immediately.”

Counter Terrorism Approach To Fight The Pandemic David Halbfinger et al. NYT

Quarantine Means Forty

Robyn Correll, MPH describes in detail the historical background of quarantines including the correct procedures that people need to implement when in quarantine. And how it differs from being in isolation: “Quarantines have been used to protect public health since the 14th century, when the fear of the “Black Death” (or plague) in the Middle Ages prompted Venetian authorities to require ships to stay anchored for 40 days—long enough for them to be certain no one on board was sick. Back then, Italians called it quaranta giorni (or “40 days”), which is where the English word for “quarantine” comes from.”

What Is The Correct Protocol For Quarantine? Robyn Correll, MPH Very Well Health

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