Israel Targets Syria Anti-aircraft Fire Site

Israeli Defence Forces said it focused on missile batteries in Syria on Wednesday after an anti-aircraft missile was fired towards Israel.

Israeli military said it carried out a counter-strike in Syria in response to the launching of the anti-aircraft missile. It said the missile triggered sirens in parts of Israel and the occupied West Bank, and exploded in mid-air.

Following the anti-aircraft missile launch earlier tonight, the Israel Defense Forces attacked surface-to-air missile batteries and radar that fired at Israeli air force planes, the military said in the statement.

A military spokesperson declined to comment on the Syrian report of an initial Israeli attack near the Syrian capital which reportedly killed one soldier and injured five.

Syrian regime's TV said earlier that Syrian air defences had downed a number of Israeli missiles over Damascus.

Israel launched surface-to-surface missiles from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and Syrian air defences shot down some of them, Syrian regime's TV said.

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