Navalny Subjected To Sophisticated Tortures, Witnesses Say

Russian opposition leader Mr. Alexey Navalny.
Russian opposition leader Mr. Alexey Navalny. (AFP)

The Russian GULAG administration of the prison colony where the opposition leader and Putin's enemy number one is serving an unjust sentence exposed him to the complex psychological tortures known in the Soviet era, Mr. Navalny's former fellow prisoners revealed.


In the interviews with Russian semi-independent media, Dozhd television, fellow prisoners told about the deeply inhumane systemic tortures which the prison's regime in the Pokrovsky IK-2 camp imposed on Mr. Alexey Navalny.

The regiment trained at least twenty fellow prisoners how to behave in the presence of Mr. Navalny. One of them introduced himself as Mr. Osmanov from Azerbaijan, who spent 1.5 years in the Pokrovsky colony.

He was completely isolated, Mr. Osmanov said describing the effect of the tortures. And we, of course, suffered with him. To be honest, I still haven't recovered mentally, he admitted.

Sleep deprivation, defamation and privacy denial

The tortures that included sleep deprivation, deception, defamation, and privacy denial in the most intimate places had to break psychologically, Mr. Navalny.

It began from the first day with the fellow prisoners spitting on Mr. Navalny when he tried to talk to them. At least two of them were assigned to generate noises in the night that would not allow him to close his eyes.

The trained by the colony's administration other prisoners followed him in the most difficult to bear manner.

He got up because he just wanted to walk, then one stood up forward, the other followed, informed the other interviewed prisoner. They tried to put pressure on his psyche, the prisoner explained. Mr. Navalny sat down, one sat at his right side and the other at left in silence, he added.

They followed him even to the toilet, not allowing for any moment of privacy.

When Mr. Navalny launched his hunger protest, the fellow prisoners brought a bag of sausages that they fried in the prison's cell as the administration instructed. But Mr. Navalny did not react.

After they trained a prisoner to behave as he would have tuberculosis. His bed stood next to Mr. Navalny's bed. At first, the opposition leader was concerned, but later, he realised it was another deception.

The prison's regime banned fellow prisoners from talking to Mr. Navalny. They had to ignore his days and nights.

Defamation, A Colony's Administration Birthday Present

A defamatory movie that alleged that Mr. Navalny is homosexual the regime has shown to his fellow prisoners.

This screening was obligatory for all prisoners in the colony. The movie alleged that he is gay, another Mr. Navalny's fellow prisoners confirmed. In that movie, some men sitting on the bed with their eyes closed and the narrator explaining that they are Mr. Navalny's associates, he added.

That screening took place on Mr. Navalny's birthday.

Return of the Soviet KGB tortures


The current Russian regime subjected Vladimir Putin's enemy number one to the tortures that former Soviet GULAG prisoners, including Mr. Varlam Shalamov, Mr. Vladimir Bukovsky, and Mr. Natan Sharansky, described in their memoirs.


For instance, Mr. Bukovsky told in the interviews that KGB investigators controlled who was in his cell and instructed them how to relate to him.

An unjustly imprisoned

Mr. Navalny is serving an unjust sentence in a colony in Pokrov in the Vladimir region.

From March 31 to April 23, the politician went on a hunger strike, demanding that independent doctors be allowed to see him. He complained of pain in his legs and back and said that he was not receiving the necessary medical care in the colony.

On April 18, he was transferred from IK-2 in Pokrov to a prison hospital on the territory of IK-3 in Vladimir. There, hospital doctors examined the politicians. At the doctors' request, Mr. Navalny ended his hunger strike.


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