New Podcast Explains Critical Race Theory From Christian Conservative Perspective


The theory intellectually does not hold up and 
if applied to the real social conditions can bear very undesirable consequences, argues podcast host Australian University Professor Jonathan Cole.



On June 19, 1963, was Wednesday. In the mornings the US Secretary of State Dean Rusk would read new intelligence reports at his office in Foggy Bottom.

The chair was too short for him, so he moved to a black lounge with a subtle silver frame that was bought by his predecessor and reached for a pile of neatly folded papers. On the top was the CIA Daily report with the bold title the Vatican. The agency’s analysts did not believe the Cardinals would elect in one or even two days the successor to late John Paul XXIII. The consensus was that the Catholic Church needed longer discussion after the death of Pope reformer. 

He straightened his legs to disperse the rests of sleep. He reached for another report and noticed that on the opposite side of his desk was a file. The Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research prepared a four-page RSB-92 Research Memorandum titled “Soviet Media Coverage of Current US Racial Crisis”.

The Soviets have engaged in a veritable barrage of broadcasting to foreign audiences on the US racial crisis, wrote State Department Intelligence Chief Officer Thomas L. Hughes.

Recurrent themes in the Soviet treatment have been: that racism is inevitable in the capitalist system and can only be eradicated along with capitalism itself; the Federal Government is actually supporting the racists by its general inertia, warned Mr. Hughes.

Rusk was familiar with the recent assessment of FBI analysts that part of the staff of Freedomways, a journal that was instrumental for the black community, consisted of members of Communist Party and fellow-travelers with close links to Moscow. In one of the reports month earlier, FBI warned that Soviet scientists have been providing brain food like the ridiculous theories for radicals. The journal served as a propaganda organ for the Communist Party of the USA and Soviet front organisations such as the World Peace Council.

One of the frequent contributors was a radical lawyer Derrick Bell whom, as many participants of these groups, Moscow flooded with its new ideas detrimental for the US society.


The other man who had been influenced by the Soviets for a long time was Black activist Mr. W. E. B. Du Bois. The claim that the concept of whiteness can be viewed to be the most important of color as laws, jobs, and politics are governed by the largely white majority, catered towards the largely white population was his authorship. Likewise the sigh of admiration he uttered in Moscow: the first time I feel comfortable and inconspicuous. According to some historians, he stood just a few steps from the notorious Lubyanka prison when Soviets shot “enemy of the people” in dozens a night while the noisy truck engine blocked rapid tapping of machine guns. He was another product shaped by thoughts and ideas he absorbed from the Soviet-edited Daily Worker.

Until 1989, Soviet academics at the Soviet Academy of Science have been clandestinely developing the ideas that could result in the sustained social unrest in the USA, and in the other Western countries, revealed a closed Gorbachev aide, a member of Politbureau Mr. Alexander Yakovlev. But its strategic goal was a constant race war that would lead to "the significant weakening of the position non-colored people in the United States".

To understand the Critical Race Theory, one has to understand its real origins: the Soviet Union. Designed by one of the most important Soviet Communist Party agencies known as the Soviet Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union, it was one of the many tactics in its total war against imperialism which the heart was the United States. Since the first shot of Aurora in Petrograd, which turned Tsarist Russia into Bolshevik hell, the Soviet KGB called the USA the Main Enemy.


Hatred of the United States and the West, in general, had motivated thousands of Soviet Professors who envied the Western colleagues' freedom and prosperity. The Western Professors deceived by their Soviets colleagues joined the anti-Western, anti-American chorus exactly as Lenin predicted - useful idiots. The majority of human sciences departments were beaten by the Soviet hydra and poisoned with anti-Americanism. The Critical Race Theory, which some professors, especially Marxist ones, absorbed as Aristotle's writings, without any real tests, is a symptom indicating that they did not recover from that Soviet poison.

Since the skeleton for Critical Race Theory is Leninism not Marxism, as academics claim,
the goal is the revolution. It was Lenin, not Marx who suggested revolutionary path for Communists.

The Political Animals, a new podcast by Canberra Professor at Charles Sturt University, Mr. Jonathan Cole, emphasised theory's intellectual dishonesty and scientific contradiction. The theory intellectually does not hold up, he stated. If applied to the real social conditions can bring about very undesirable consequences, he added.

The goal of Critical Race Theory as the podcast host, who calls himself jokingly “academic by day, and the intellectual by night”, explained brilliantly is the revolution. Political Animals does not dive too deeply into the history idea but mentions the name of the radical lawyer Bell as one of the fathers of this concept.

Mr. Cole was prompted to discuss the CRT after he was disturbed by female Austrian academic musing trying to combine that Soviet relic with Islamophobia.

But the attempt of that woman to combine radical theory with the same radical approach of the imposition of Islam on every person was not new either. Soviets educated known propagators of such approach as then- members of the People Liberation Front of Palestine at the Patrick Lumumba Academy where also studied contemporary coryphaeuses of practical Marxism or rather applied Marxism disguised in religions including Islam like Mr. Ali Khamenei of Iran, Abu Mazen of PLO, or clandestinely at the Havana’s division a bus driver from Venezuela known better as dictator Nicholas Maduro.


Therefore as the host rightly observes, the Critical Race Theory is based on the same basic concept of Marxism-Leninism that is a conflict or rather class war that, in theory, has a form of a race war. However, as much as the Soviet academics tried to be original, they were not allowed to change the final result established by Lenin himself - revolution.

This podcast is highly recommended since Mr. Jonathan Cole understands the heart of the theory and skillfully unmasks it. He quotes classic explanation by the Marxists professor regarded as its founders - Richard Delgado and his wife, Jean Stefancic.

Critical Race Theory does not meet the test of scientific discipline.
It does not have its method neither is logically integral.

The founders, to whom the pair belongs, claim that the theory was invented during the seminar at the St Benedict center in Madison, Wisconsin but its roots are deep in the early Cold War era. 

Mr. Cole rightly observes that theory bears the mark of the radicalism that which is its activism.

One may add, utilising the phrase of Swiss-Polish logician Maria Bochenski that theory is scientificised, which means it has an appearance of science but no content of it. Any given branch of science has its method, and it is internally logical, but the Critical Race Theory fails this test. 

Political Animal’s host stresses is another significant feature - activism.

Activist is a copy-word from the dictionary of the Soviet Communist Party
which means "militant". A someone who is involved in Active Measures.

 It should be explained that the English word activism, used in this context, has been an imperfect copy of the word borrowed from the language of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, in particular from its intelligence agency NKVD/KGB. It is an anglicised Russian word “activist” (активист) which means militant. Indeed in the vocabulary of Soviet intelligence, it is a person who is involved in active measures.

Such are the origins of Western activism, a concept that was planted by the Soviets through the agents in the Communist Party of USA.


Twenty years ago, Americans were able to discern the threat to the education system in the radical ideas promoted by Mr. Delgado and his wife. It looked like the academic pair picked up the remnants of the Soviet propaganda and shaped something unacceptable, the Arizona state official said in 1988.

American educators who still understood the importance of logical reasoning, the superiority of Western values over the primitive beliefs, and the Western-thought heritage rejected twice these Marxist deliberations. 

In 1988 an official responsible for the education policy in the State of Arizona challenged the literature which attacked the very foundation of the American political and social system.

One of the books requested to be removed from the Mexican American studies program was Critical Race Theory, by Marxist professors Richard Delgado with Mexican background, and Jean Stefancic with Balkan origins.

The state representative argued: “unlike traditional civil rights, which embraces incrementalism and step-by-step progress, critical race theory questions the very foundation of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and neutral principles of constitutional law.’

Mr. Delgado and Ms. Stefancic roots are in typical anti-American groups
of radicals, Marxists and Chicanos. Their theory is a deliberate open attack against
Western culture.

He also challenged another assumption that paradoxically looked purely racist approach: “unique voice of color...minority status brings with it a presumed competence to speak about their experiences with racism and the legal system.” Mr. Delgado appeared to say that a person with different skin color cannot comment in such a situation. 

The other objection challenged Delgado’s argument that the “minorities who achieve high socio-economic success still may suffer ‘severe psychological impairment’ due to racism despite their socioeconomic success. (In other words, no matter if you’re wealthy and economic opportunity has been made available to you, you will still blame race for your troubles, and you may be mentally ill.)


In 1988 and 2011, the state won, but in 2013 it lost with the group of former and current teachers from the states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

It was a time of the second term of President Barrack Obama who, in his memoirs, co-written by terrorist Bill Ayers, revealed: To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.

After Political Animals confronts Critical Race Theory tenets in the light of the Bible it becomes even more clear that such way of thinking is unacceptable. 

We strongly recommend a weekly portion of wits and wisdom on Jonathan Cole’s podcast that began as a dialogue with Professor Simon Kennedy from Queensland who, however, has already retired.

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