Biden Chooses Loyal Bureaucrats As His Appointees For Cabinet



The US government-designate is taking shape. The choice of the candidates indicates Mr. Biden's willingness to return to the old status-quo, appeasement, and abandonment of those allies who are in real danger.


Mr. Biden fearing the virus contamination stayed out of the public in his residence, has announced the first nominations of the top national security officials. Unsurprisingly his candidates are former Clinton and Obama administration officials with a record of spectacular failures in foreign policy, which triggered a series of negative changes in Europe and Asia that led to permanent instability.

The failures of both Hillary Clinton's State Department policies and Obama, or rather Biden's, foreign policies include  the America's late reaction to Putin's invasion of Ukraine in March 2014, the undecidedness on the war in Syria in August 2012, which allowed Moscow to return to the Middle East, an attack on the US Embassy in Libya in September 2012, Maduro victory in Venezuala in April 2013, appeasement to Castro in Cuba that was criticised by the dissidents, disinterest in China's encirclement of Hong Kong and abandonment of Taiwan  as well as the emboldenment of Russian and Chinese militaries which reverted to the Cold War tactics.

The obvious disaster was US policy on Israel and Iran that had been reinforced by personal hostility of Mr. Obama to Jerusalem.

Mr. Biden's appointee for the next US State Secretary has witnessed series of Obama foreign policy failures
and as a senior official at the National Security Council was not able to prevent them.

It is worthy to remind you of what the Washington Post, the Democratic Party official newsletter, had to say about the national security policy of Mr. Biden and Obama with Mr. Blinken on the board.

Whether it is Cuba or Iran, the administration reverts to “engagement” mode when its engagement efforts are met with aggression and/or domestic oppression. Try to murder a diplomat on U.S. soil? We’ll sit down and chat. Grab an American contractor and try him in a kangaroo court? We’ll trade prisoners and talk about relaxing more sanctions. Invade Georgia, imprison political opponents and interfere with attempts to restart the peace process? We’ll put the screws on our democratic ally to get you into the World Trade Organization.

As the reaction of the despots to such policies is predictable, the more puzzling was Obama's team expectation of the result of the policy contradictory to the interest of the United States.

A "Yes man" for Biden and Obama

Mr. Blinken is not a bride and bold politician but a "yes man" to Biden, who has always surrounded himself with such individuals since he was elected to the US Congress.

Mr. Anthony Blinken, who was a National Security Council official at the Obama White House, and Mr. Jake Sullivan both watched these developments demonstrating their inability to influence the situation.


Mr. Blinken, who has run the major advisory and lobbying firm, in Washington D.C., has developed relatively close relations with some past and current Chinese officials. But the American public was not able to learn any of these ties during the campaign.

In this sense, Blinken's nomination is bad news for US allies who have already decided to detach their countries and economies from Beijing, which threaten them openly and runs subversive operations through a myriad of Communists that were allowed to reside or even become citizens of free nations.

For Mr. Blinken, principled foreign politics is anathema because his compass is a compromise that is also the life motto of Mr. Biden, who has been trained by his appeasement to the tyrants in the Soviet Union.

A guardian of Obama's financial policy status quo

Professor Jenet Yellen, Fed President during the Obama administration, has presided over massive spending, the stimulus packages, which did not help significantly, US economy neither taxpayer, but added to the corruption in Washington D.C. Ms. Jellen was a disappointment even for the Democratic Party after she opposed the concept of breaking up large banks to increase financial system stability, an idea promoted by then-Fed Saint Louis President Neel Kashkari. She said policies like capital and liquidity requirements and stress tests have “greatly enhanced the safety and soundness of the banking system" toeing to the Obama bankers' expectations.

Democratic senator Joe Biden promised to unite Americans and strengthen relations with allies, but the choice of appointed individuals indicates that he never thought seriously about the unity.

His cabinet which is mostly rewarded by their total submission to US Senator in particular and Democratic machine in general will further divide the American public leading to the major national security catastrophy, some observers have warned.

Until now the democratic candidate has even failed to convince more Americans that he won elections, after the evidence of manipulation including exploiting of the vote of non-citizens has been revealed.


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