Obsession with Happiness Leads To Depression

Maternal Depression Damages Skin

George Washington University researchers investigated the correlation between maternal depression and the heightened risk of developing a chronic skin condition : "We know that emotional factors can exacerbate AD flares and influence the course of the disease," said Silverberg, the senior author of the study. "Previous studies have shown that family environment and other environmental factors can have an impact on AD."

The Correlation Between Maternal Depression & Atopic Dermatitis George Washington University Science Daily

Migraines On Top of Disability Causes

Natalie Butler explains what is magnesium deficiency, how to recognise when an individual is showing signs of deficiency. And how to meet the recommended dietary intake via natural food sources : “Migraines are the sixth-most disabling illness worldwide, causing hours and days of recurring pain, sensitivity to light and sound, and even nausea and vomiting. A large body of evidence has found that magnesium, whether administered orally or via IV, can be an effective and inexpensive option for providing nutritional support in the management of migraines.”

Are You Magnesium Deficient? Natalie Butler MBG

Coffee Reduces Body Fat

New scientific evidence suggests that several cups of coffee daily, can assist individuals who are seeking weight loss, Alan Mozes explains : “Coffee-fueled fat loss may be the result of a "metabolic reaction," in which caffeine causes the drinker's metabolic process to ramp up. The end result, said Alperet, is the burning of more calories and a notable drop in body fat.”

Drink Coffee To Lose Weight Alan Mozes WebMD

Obsession with Happiness is Depressive

A UK university research team have published a study showing evidence that people who value happiness too highly, were more likely to show signs for depression, Nicola Davis writes : “Vogt said research in the pipeline showed that those in the west tended to focus on goals such as promotions, rather than helping others or spending time with family and friends – as has been found in east Asia.That, the team say, suggests people in the UK and US may be focusing on the wrong way to pursue happiness.”

The Pursuit Of Happiness Can Make You Sad Nicola Davis The Guardian

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