Philippines Election Body Gives Green Light For Marcos Jr Campaign

He has been predicted to win as president.

The Philippines’ top polls body on Friday dismissed the final disqualification case against Mr Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the son and namesake of the late dictator, who has been predicted to win as president in the May 9 elections by a landslide.

In its ruling, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) said a disqualification case based on Mr Marcos Jr’s failure to file income tax returns lacked merit.

Regardless of the fact that the non-filing of income tax return was done repeatedly by the respondent, there is still no tax evasion to speak of as no tax was actually intentionally evaded. The government was not defrauded, stated the Comelec’s first division.

It added that it was “not convinced” Mr Marcos Jr committed a crime involving “moral turpitude” when he failed to file his tax returns when he was vice-governor, then governor of Ilocos Norte in the 1980s.

He may have been neglectful in performing this obligation. It, however, does not reflect moral depravity, the division concluded.

Reacting to the ruling, Mr Marcos Jr said in a statement: “We are satisfied that the process had been observed and, once again, law, evidence and reason have prevailed”.

His spokesman, Mr Vic Rodriguez, said the Comelec’s ruling showed “elections are settled through ballots, not through abuse of our judicial processes”.


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