Rush Limbaugh, the Author of Contemporary Conservative Movement Has Died

Mr. Rush Limbaugh (1951-2021) (Archives)


The most listened Conservative radio-talk show host who gave voice to pushed off and isolated by the Left died on Wednesday.


The Conservative and influential US presenter Mr. Rush Limbaugh, died at the age of 70. His widow Ms. Kathryn Limbaugh, also announced the news of his death on the presenter's show. Later a family member, wrote a message on Facebook. Mr Limbaugh succumbed to complications from stage four lung cancer, he suffered since last year. Mr Limbaugh had no children.

He was considered one of the most influential media makers, in US history. US President Ronald Reagan, called Rush the number one voice of Conservatism in American history. He influenced three generations of American patriots, including those who fought during the Cold War, battled Islamofascism of World War IV. And the recently launched offensive, against newer forms of derangement by the US Left as the so-called wokism and cancel culture.

Mr. Limbaugh was an uncompromising truth-teller, who boldly exposed falsehoods of the Democrats and socialists. He launched the campaign against dependency on state welfare. He promoted traditional values of self-reliance, entrepreneurship and high aspirations. He exposed a leftist big state, which needed armies of poor and destitute individuals. To justify high taxation and pervasive regulations, to achieve its desire of total control over the citizens. Mr. Limbaugh rightly stated, that Leftism is a contagious virus of psychosis that prefers fairness to achievements, sameness to diversity and fictional equality to rewarding outcomes.

Every day during his three-hour show, Mr. Limbaugh exhorted the audience, that American values are unique. The American people and the United States, became a land of opportunity. The people understood, that the government is not a solution but a problem. In the late 1990s, he would expose the blue-collar theft  by the bureaucrats controlling the unproductive Enrons. With the same passion, he eviscerated the Democrats and the Clintons. Whose insouciant legislation, allowed individuals to take on a  mortgage when they could not afford it. This led to the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008-2010.

He laughed at the stupid leftist ideology of global warming, as loudly as he laughed at their previous idiotic idea of global cooling. He mercilessly exposed gaps in reasoning, of the leading leftists including Mr. Al Gore and Ms. Naomi Klein. Mr. Limbaugh coined the 'feminazis' term, for the radically progressive gang of women. Trying to smear the Western cultural model for their own profits.

Famously he smoked his cigars ostentatiously, to annoy the Left that used the limitations of smoking tobacco, as another excuse for their desire to deprive citizens of their liberties. Rush declared that he only smoked non-Cuban cigars, to irritate the Left. Who were busy attempting to convince Americans, that the Communist healthcare system and even the state-model is better than the individual’s freedoms.

Talking to more than 40 million listeners, he would defend the American army against the false accusations of the Iraqis in Abu Ghraib. He predicted many developments except for the time when Democrats suddenly commenced defending, the rights of the enemy combatants and demanded hotel-like conditions for the prisoners in the Guantanamo center. Guantanamo was an isolation facility for the most dangerous terror suspects, caught in action by the US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Limbaugh would parody Ms. Hillary Clinton, Mr. John Biden, Mr. John Kerry and the then majority leader Mr. Harry Reid. By launching a brief radio comedy "Gitmo Club". “Club Gitmo, the luxury resort for terrorist wannabes... paradise on earth on the west coast of Cuba, overlooking the bay. Every visitor, every check-in at no charge gets a new Koran, a new prayer rug, Moslem chefs, Moslem dietary laws, five prayer sessions a day. Reserve your spot today!",  the comedy’s narrator stated cheekily.

Despite his rapidly declining health, Mr. Rush Limbaugh stoically fought against the political folly of the Left and defended the Conservatives as long as he could.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, he hosted President Donald Trump, once offering him a two-hour radio rally. During which the president could freely answer questions from the host and listeners.

As many Americans expected, President Trump awarded Mr. Rush Limbaugh with the Freedom Medal, the highest honor for US citizens.  President Trump, gave a vocal accolade to Mr. Limbaugh on Fox News, describing him as a "fantastic man" with an incredible sense of politics. "He was just very special," stated the former US president. "He is a legend."


The Most Heard Radio Show in the US

Rush Limbaugh's career began. He was born on January 12, 1951 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri - in 1967. When he was 16 at the time, he assisted a broadcaster, then graduated as a DJ and worked alongside a high school in a small radio station near St. Louis. However, he was not really successful at first. Limbaugh left the industry temporarily to join the Kansas City Royals baseball team.

Then came the breakthrough: In 1988, the presenter started his Rush Limbaugh Show. According to its own website, the show became the most popular radio show in the United States and ended up being broadcast on more than 600 stations. Mr. Limbaugh’s last radio show was on February 2, 2021- as a result of his cancer - he was no longer at the microphone himself after this date.


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