Russia Keeps Troops At Ukrainian Borders

After talk with Biden, Putin has made no move to withdraw troops from the border with Ukraine.

Secretary of Ukraine’s Security and Defence Council Mr. Oleksiy Danilov told media in an interview that Russia had 92,000 troops at the frontier but would need many more if it were to invade Ukraine.

Mr. Danilov said Kyiv remained concerned about the military build-up and that there had been no big change in the situation since a video call on Dec. 7 in which U.S. President Joe Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin not to invade Ukraine.

Nothing has changed, said Mr. Danilov, whose powerful council brings together senior military and security officials.

There has been some (increase in troop numbers) but not critical enough for us to say: this is it, it (an invasion) is going to happen now, he added.

He argued that Russia would need at least 500,000-600,000 soldiers at the border in order to keep the situation under control in the event of an offensive.

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