Sudan Minister Excludes Resignation Of Military Junta

A pro-military minister in Sudan says time is running out for the country’s deposed prime minister to agree to take a post in a military-led government after top generals seized power last month.

Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok is currently under house arrest in the capital of Khartoum. He and more than 100 other government officials were detained during the coup. Many have been kept in undisclosed locations.

The country cannot wait forever, so if he didn’t take the job, then someone else will definitely take it, Mr. Gibreil Ibrahim, the finance minister of the deposed government, told media late Tuesday.

Speaking from his office in Khartoum, Ibrahim said calls by some pro-democracy groups, the United States and its western allies to return the pre-coup transitional government are “unrealistic.”

Mr. Ibrahim is a rebel leader who joined the government earlier this year after the transitional administration reached a peace deal with a rebel alliance, ending years of civil war. He was one of those leading protests against Mr. Hamdok and others in Khartoum before the top generals initiated their coup to seize power.

He spoke to media ahead of rallies Wednesday in Khartoum and other cities across the country against the military’s takeover. Authorities have shut bridges linking Khartoum and its twin city of Omdurman and tightened security across the capital. Security forces fired tear gas at anti-coup protesters in at least one location in Khartoum.

The Sudanese military seized power Oct. 25, dissolving the transitional government and arresting dozens of officials and politicians.

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