Taiwan: China Ready To Invade By 2027

Communist China has over the past few years stationed an increasing number of warships along its southeastern coast, as it is seeking to maintain its military advantage in the region and attempting to build a system of intelligence warfare by 2027, the report said.

By 2027, Beijing is expected to possess regional air defense capabilities, and long-range sea and airstrike systems, which would greatly extend its combat range, following the introduction of its aircraft carriers Liaoning and Shandong, a second-generation Type 003 vessel, as well as the mass production of Type 055 destroyers, Y-20 tanker aircraft and J-20 fighters, the report said.

Taiwan defense ministry said Chinese naval and air forces would be capable of projecting power at greater distances from its territory, extending its reach of military operations and enabling it to counter joint forces between Taiwan and its allies.

Taiwan would respond by improving its defense capabilities in joint operations against an invasion through integrated air defense systems and maritime interception, the report said.

The report said that China is continuing to develop its capabilities to counter the US military in the Indo-Pacific region, which remains an integral part of Washington’s strategic focus, despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The ministry said there could be an intensified US-China standoff in the region by 2027 over issues including cross-strait relations, tensions on the Korean Peninsula and territorial disputes in the South China Sea, which could increase the risk of conflict between the two countries.

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