The Biden Deception


Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is 46th President of the United States. (AFP)

Biden is a political chameleon who conveniently changes his stance, depending on the favoured direction of the major players in the Democratic Party.

February 1981. The Dirksen office building on the Capitol. A windowless room. At the long round, mahogany desk sit nineteen Senators. Nine Republicans and eight Democrats constitute one of the most powerful legislative institutions - the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. They literally have the power to change world history - start a war, impose sanctions or accelerate the disarmament process.

This morning about ten metres opposite of them is sitting a humble lawyer. Mr. Bill Clark, a tall and thin rancher from the Santa Barbara area in California. He is the closest friend and trusted confidante of the United States President, Ronald Reagan. Mr. Reagan asked his friend to be the Deputy State Secretary. He is replying to the Senator's questions before the vote for approval of his nomination.  

Nearly all of them spoke to Mr. Clark. Some chose to ask one question, talking 2-3 minutes each out of the allocated 10 minutes of personal dialogue. But one Senator came late. His name is Joe Biden, a Democrat from Delaware. Biden has long hair at the back, but his forehead reveals progressing baldness.

I have a great deal of admiration for you, he began with a smile, but soon it was clear that he mocked President Reagan's friend. The transcript is evidence of this incredibly obnoxious and vicious attack.

BIDEN:  Can you tell me who is the Prime Minister of South Africa?
CLARK:  No sir, I cannot.
BIDEN:  Can you tell me who the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe is?
CLARK: It would be a guess.
BIDEN:  Can you tell me what the major bilateral issues are between the United States and Brazil at this point?
CLARK: I am unaware of the priorities...
BIDEN:  I really don’t like doing this Justice Clark ... What are the countries in Europe, in NATO, that are most reluctant to go along.
CLARK: I am not in a position, as you already have suggested, Senator, to categorize them from the standpoint of acceptance on the one hand and resistance on the other.
BIDEN:  Well, then, let’s talk about England for a moment. Can you tell us, just from accounts in the newspaper, what is happening in the British Labour Party these days?”
CLARK:  I don’t think I can tell you with specificity what is happening in the British Labour Party these days.

Mr. Clark, who owned a successful legal company in California and served Pro Bono as Supreme Court Judge in California, had never taken a coin of public money, unlike the career politician, Mr. Biden who in his whole life worked 2 years in the private sector.

The damage was inflicted. Because of Biden's personal attack in front of journalists, foreign news outlets called him a “nitwit,” the “Don’t Know Man,” and “not competent.”
The London Daily Mirror opined, “America’s allies in Europe ... hope he is never in charge at a time of crisis.”

Clark was confirmed, with the largest number of “No” votes of any Reagan first-term appointee.

A few years before his death, Judge Clark with his characteristic, humility and kindness remarked that he was not uncomfortable during this astonishingly low attack. “No, I appreciate the fact that after all, it is much better to get into a new position of responsibility on the ground floor or below, as there is only one way you can go, and that is up,” stated William P. Clark, who later became the most successful National Security Advisor of the US President.

Deceptive narrative of a man of “great moral character”

Biden with the enthusiastic support of the leftist mainstream media, has created a narrative that he is a man of “great moral character” and a “peacemaker” who is willing to work in bipartisan with the Republican Party and Conservatives for the “common good” of the nation. Joe Biden, the self-appointed hero and the Democratic Party, want voters to believe that he will rescue America from the clutches of the “divisive” and “vulgar” incumbent President  Trump.

This narrative and political persona for the purpose of winning the 2020 Presidential election is a farce and outrightly deceptive.

The release of Neumayr’s book The Biden Deception is timely as Americans deal with the voting debacle of the 2020 U.S election.

There has been a plethora of political books published leading up to the 2020 Presidential election. Prominent and influential figures in the Republican and Conservative arena, such as the great Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich to name a few. However, there is a gap in the market, figuratively and literally speaking. These books focused on why the American citizens should vote for President Trump, the American constitution and or the Republican Party.

Sen. Joe Biden is talking to Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko in Moscow in May, 1982 (Archives)


A political chameleon, "flip-flop" Democrat

George Neumayr a well respected Conservative writer, known for his expertise in politics and religion, published author, who has worked as a senior editor of the well renowned Conservative publication, American Spectator and contributor to a multitude of other Conservative publications has taken on the task of focusing on Joe Biden.

Neumayr  wanted to debunk the notion, that Joe Biden is a harmless moderate, which is the narrative the media has perpetuated for a lengthy period of time. However, the true narrative is that Biden has been a lying, dishonest opportunist and even plagiarist throughout his political career that commenced in the early seventies- nearly half a century ago.

Biden is a political chameleon, a flip-flopper who conveniently changes his stance, depending on the favoured direction of the major players in the Democratic Party. For instance, his position on drugs in the 1990’s under Bill Clinton as a moderate has evolved to a hard left, Marxist Bernie Sanders stance.

One of the often-overlooked facts is Senator Biden's initiative to shut down United States Information Agency. The federal institute called a think-thank of the think-thanks because of its staff in-depth knowledge and experience in the battle against the active measures, namely disinformation. Mr. Boris Yeltsin's Russia immediately began to benefit from this fast-increasing weakness of the United States. KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin fully exploited it. The criminal groups-led Russia, after the launch of the successful information-war against the West, shared this idea with Communist China. But the United States was never able to re-establish the institution built by a great Cold Warriors who could prepare a generation of his successors. But Senator Biden and his colleague Senator Kerry had never taken an interest in such an idea.

Mr. Biden, with the assistance of Senator Kerry and high-ranking Democrats like Hillary Clinton, imposed the limitations called a barrier for the Intelligence agencies to exchange information. The legislation sponsored ban for the CIA on sharing intelligence with the FBI and vice versa. Mr. Biden and Democratic Party justified this astonishing ban as an anti-McCarthy measure meant to slow down supposedly the politically-minded investigations of the radical leftist groups in America. But this ban led to the failure of intelligence agencies, which resulted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The list of politically-motivated and wrong decisions that resulted in the damage to the United States is very long. But the official narrative omits it. Senator has never discussed them publicly.

The Biden Deception is an unique exposition of the real Joe Biden addressed only to the American voters. The premise of his book is to reveal the disparities of Biden’s words and actions, in his political and private life. Neumayr vehemently and repeatedly questions the authenticity of Biden, politically and personally. The author strongly asserts that Biden is a radical Democrat.

Pope Francis and Joe Biden. Vatican, 2013 (AFP)


Neumayr lays the foundation regarding Biden’s capricious political-ideological history. That is substantiated with clearly laid out examples and evidence of his leftist political activism, spanning the first half of his book to argue why Biden does not possess the required credentials or moral character to be President. Neumayr directs the reader to the fact that Biden has publicly declared he will promptly “eliminate Trump’s tax cuts” as the highest priority of his first days in the White House. Biden, a socialist, stands firm in his belief that wealth redistribution is a central tenet of the American government.

Although, the book is concentrated on Joe Biden’s political ideology, past and future policies decisions Neumayr also takes time to contrast the difference between a potential Biden-Democratic Party and the incumbent Trump-Republican Party political views. This quote by Vice President Mike Pence, highlights this stark difference, “I think the choice that we face in the country today is a choice between freedom and socialism, increasingly. President Trump had been advocating an agenda that’s built on the principles of freedom in the marketplace, lower taxes...”

Biden will pursue radical politics of Barack Obama

The author poignantly reminds the reader that voting for Biden to become President, would be essentially voting for Biden to continue the radical work of his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama. However, a Biden administration with the political influence of the staunchly socialist, Kamala Harris his Presidential running mate would radically transform the fabric of America.

Neumayr cautions that voting for Biden, American citizens whether Democrats, Republicans or Independents would have their religious liberty threatened under a Biden administration. Biden who claims to be Catholic, has no qualms violating the values and beliefs that devout Christians hold dearly, such as the biblical definition of marriage, pro-life issues including abortion.

Biden is emboldened with his radical and liberal religious stance because he has the allegiance of Pope Francis, who is the most modern and liberal Pope in the Vatican’s history.
Under Biden’s presidency,  he would create a fundamental transformation of America with his left wing dystopia. Essentially eradicating the tireless work of the Founding Fathers, who highly valued religious liberty and the principles of the American constitution as it was originally written.


US President Joe Biden during 2020 Presidential Campaign. (AFP)


The latter part of Neumayr’s book focuses on the more personal aspects of Joe Biden, the man and his equally mendacious family who are complicit in his political and monetary opportunistic syndicate. Most notably, his family brokering business deals with Communist China, has drawn attention to the fact that Biden has a strong erroneous allegiance with them politically. He is willing to sell out America and its citizens, if it will be beneficial for him and his family.

The conservative writer has not shied away from the unfortunate and unpleasant fact, that Joe Biden is an alleged sexual predator and, according to Neumayr, crosses other women’s personal boundaries at a minimum. This contentious issue has been conveniently ignored by the leftist mainstream media, who will do what is necessary to protect his image and reputation. The morally upright and family man, with the perfunctory smile that Biden harkens to impress publicly is an illusion, that is believed by the naive or gullible Biden supporters.

Neumayr draws his easy to read book to a close by also reminding his audience, that Biden who purports to be accepting of people of all colour and race, has a strong history of associating with the Ku Klux Klan leadership and discrimination against African Americans. He also poses the question, for the readers to ponder. Are the American people willing to accept a radically progressive President, who is senile, racist and lacks the cognitive faculties to successfully run the nation?

The author of the book who is also co-editor of American Spectator provides impeccable references to substantiate his asseverations regarding Biden on nearly every page. He mitigates any book critics' accusations that these assertions were fabricated or embellished.

Any honest reader, who seeks to look at the sources and references, can clearly see that Joe Biden unintentionally imputes himself with his own words and past actions.

Neumayr’s salient message in his book, forewarns that if Americans vote for Biden to be President it will leave America on the precipice of cataclysmic events, that will adversely change the face of America politically, economically and culturally.

Because the 2020 U.S. Presidential election has passed and Joe Biden is now inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. Reading George Neumayr’s book, still has its relevance because American citizens and observers from abroad, will have a better understanding of who the real Joe Biden is. Reading Neumayr’s book, is an informative and convenient avenue to access a summarised insight into the main issues of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party’s manifesto for the American people.


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