The Democrats Fire Decree 

The US Capitol Building Dome at night. (AFP)

By impeaching a lawful and innocent US President, the Democrat Party stood on the side of tyranny.




On the night of January 13, Democrat Party Representatives in the House and ten Republicans have voted to impeach President Donald Trump on a count of incitement insurrection. The authors of the impeachment articles, including Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar, accused Christian President of whipping up a crowd of supporters to invade and wreak havoc upon U.S. Capitol as lawmakers were counting Electoral College votes certifying Joe Biden's election in the Nov. 3 election. 

Divided House of Representatives by 232-197 vote after two hours of the intensive debate moved to impeach President Trump for the second time, even though Mr. Trump is scheduled to leave the White House in less than a week.

The Democratic Party was interested in more humiliation of sitting President.
The lawmakers wanted to provide a reason for the persecution of his supporters.

The cause of the vote was not the pandemic crisis, the economic program, and not even the country's security. The Democratic Party was interested in more humiliation of sitting President. The lawmakers wanted to provide a reason for the persecution of his supporters. For a witch-hunt, which has already begun in the United States.

Before the vote, President Trump appealed once again to Americans asking for calm. "In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be no violence, no lawbreaking, and no vandalism of any kind. That is not what I stand for," he stated. 

The Democrats had no evidence of the President’s inciting violence in his statement on January 6, but contrary, they knew he was not involved. What are the facts? 

The result of the journalistic investigation into the events at Capitol on Jan 6, 2020. (GregKelly)

According to the journalist investigation, the first protesters arrived at Capitol Hill at 12.40 p.m. Unlike President’s supporters, these protesters wore gas masks, helmets, para-military uniforms, and brought with them explosives, shock grenades, and some white weapons, including metal bars.

At 1 p.m., Capitol Chief police observed that some protesters attacked the police officers. To emphasise, the authentic Trump supporters have never attacked police but rather defended it against the Antifa attacks. At 1.09 p.m. Capitol Police chief asked for the support of the National Guard. About two kilometers away from Capitol US President spoke to the participants of the peaceful demonstration. He concluded his speech at 1.11 p.m. About forty minutes later, the demonstrators at the Capitol broke into the building. The first participants of the peaceful protest arrived at Capitol at 1:56. 

But the author of the attack at Capitol was not the US President nor his supporters.

This timeline of the events which took place on January 6 clearly proves that the attack was pre-planned. Nobody carries helmets and shock grenades every day. The authors hoped to provoke the US President supporters and blamed them for the armed attack at the Capitol.

But the author of the attack was not the US President nor his supporters.

FBI has launched investigation into the events only few days ago. Among people who were arrested at Capitol was one of the Antifa leaders, the Democratic Party militant support group.

According to the credible journalistic reports, the majority, who arrived at Capitol stood in the defence of the police and also tried to stop the violence. 

President Donald Trump was not involved in the havoc.

He had as much responsibility to appeal for calm as those 222 Democrats who chose to hide in Capitol holes. But it can be suggested, that it was Ms. Pelosi and the Democrats who did not address the violence that they witnessed. The logic indicates that such a decision had its goal, which could be waiting for more violence, a reason that could have been used to impeach US President. It is exactly what happened. 

Mr. Adolf Hitler, German top-level politician who imposed unjust Reichstag Fire Decree on Feb, 1933 that initiated a persecution of the political opponents. (Archives)


The Democrats have already tried such scenario unleashing the violent protesters on the White House, and the Washington mayor did not even reinforce the police waiting for more destruction and fall in President ratings.

The Democrats are the ones that supported the BLM and Antifa violent riots that burned down cities, occupied cities and terrorized Americans for the past year, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, on Wednesday, denounced the Democratic Party. And then they funded BLM on their fundraising platform Act Blue.

But the Democrats pursued their plans, which reminded the events that took place eighty-eight years ago in Germany.

The Democrats are the ones that supported the BLM and Antifa violent riots that burned down cities,
occupied cities and terrorized Americans for the past year.

On the evening of February 27, 1933, at the German Parliament, Reichstag in Berlin, police officers apprehended a group of hooligans led by the pyromaniac Marinus van der Lubec who entered the burning building and set some small fires. 

A real arsonist was a former hotel bellhop who had become a Nazi organisation leader, and that evening led a small band of stormtroopers through the underground passage from a nearby palace, built to carry the central heating system, to the Reichstag where they methodically scattered self-igniting chemicals to bring down the building and then they had returned quickly to the palace.

But demented Communist arsonist was a heaven-sent gift to the real authors of the attack against the temple of democracy. 

Mr. van der Lubec was tried and unjustly punished by the court misinformed by Nazis. 

The idea for the fire originated with Hitler's party top officials Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goering. Hans Gisevius, an official in the Prussian Ministry of the Interior at the time, testified at Nuremberg that ”it was Goebbels who first thought of setting the Reichstag on fire.”

On the day following the fire, Adolf Hitler forced German President to sign a decree ”for the Protection of the People and the State” suspending the seven sections of the constitution which guaranteed individual and civil liberties. 

The decree authorised Hitler’s government to take over complete power in the federal states when necessary and imposed the death sentence for a number of crimes, including ”serious disturbances of the peace” by armed persons. 

Ms. Nancy Pelosi, a US top-level Democrat Party politician who imposed unjust impeachment on the lawful US President Donald Trump on Jan 13, 2021 that initiated a persecution of the political opponents. (AFP)


As historian William Shirer summed it up with one stroke Hitler was able not only to legally gag his opponents and arrest them at his will but, by making the trumped-up Communist threat ”official,” as it were, to throw millions of the middle class and the peasantry into a frenzy of fear that unless they voted for National Socialism at the elections.

It is the same type of frenzy of fear, which became an instrument of the Democratic Party, their mainstream media, which was perused by Google, Apple, Amazon, and the social media that have removed and banned the US President and numerous supporters.

This time, however, the solution is not a vote in the elections. The Democrats have already secured the result of it, but a full acceptance of the Leftist dictate.

Like Hitler, thanks to the Reichstag Fire Decree, was able to put Germans into a frenzy of fear,
the US Democratic Party impeaching an innocent President began a witch hunt against his supporters.

It is a terror by government comparable with the Nazi or Bolshevik terror backed up by their regimes.

Yesterday Democrats enacted their own version of Hitler’s Reichstag Fire Decree, impeaching lawful, legal President who has an enormous support of the American people and millions of freedom-fighters around the world.

Democrats chose to follow the Hitler scenario, openly giving the green light and silently encouraging so-called BigTech and all e-business detached from the US interests’ to bankrupt the American people.

Not only Parler, an app that had the potential to threaten financially Twitter and Facebook empires, but individual Americans are being denied electronic services, including access to the Clouds, payment systems, and even insurance.

Despite the Democratic Party attacks, 48 per cent of polled Americans support US President Donald Trump, who received 74 million votes at a minimum in the Presidential elections. (AFP)

The Hitler-like Democratic decree unleashed hell for those who dared not to vote on them. 

The Democrats’, and few Republicans’ who joined them, decisions will never be justified, forgotten, and forgiven. This wound will be hard to heal. 

From the moral point of view, it is honourable to actively boycott and oppose a type of government that divides and harms.  

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham warned against the deepening crisis in the United States.

It's now time for President-elect Biden to reject post-presidential impeachment because of the destructive force it would have on the presidency and nation, Graham wrote. Every president is subject to the laws of the land. However, impeachment is political and will further divide the nation.

But Mr. Biden did not react.

"The realm of liberty and justice will encompass the planet.
Freedom is not just the birthright of the few, it is the God-given right of all His children,
in every country."


Therefore this act of injustice excludes any possibility of success of the presidency of the divisive figures of Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris before it even started.

But for the fighters, who love freedom and liberty, the battlefield includes the United States. Not with violence, but with courage and confidence because the truth is on our side.

As the Greatest US President Ronald Reagan stated someday, the realm of liberty and justice will encompass the planet. Freedom is not just the birthright of the few, it is the God-given right of all His children, in every country.

It won't come by conquest. It will come because freedom is right and freedom works. It will come because cooperation and goodwill among free people will carry the day.


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