The Essence of the Chinese Communist Party's Lie

First Secretary of Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping. (AFP)
First Secretary of Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping. (AFP)


The core of the Communist ranks were farmers convinced that their loyalty to the leaders would earn them a good fortune erected the structure of the dictatorship of great leaders.

There are many kinds of scammers in this world. One is a well-meaning liar who conceals the truth to block the picture of negative. One is a malicious scammer who cheats for money, sex, and trust, such as one who sells fake goods, demands high price for a broken porcelain, and so on. There is another wicked kind of liar, who is the most harmful but often goes unnoticed. It is a political liar. The Chinese Communist Party is the most outstanding among political crooks.

The Communist Party, a huge liar on behalf of a political party, began by deceiving its citizens and ended with deceiving its citizens. Starting from Marx and Engels, it has been a scam without logic. This scam is referring to the common good wishes of mankind so it has deceived many people into supporting it, especially the young intellectuals with simple minds and excessive enthusiasm.

Two masters Marx and Engels invented that illogical theory of the dictatorship of the proletariat that utilises tyranny to achieve beautiful ideals. Westerners who are familiar with this set of theoretical tricks are rarely fooled by these two masters. After a dispute, Marx and Engels parted with the Social Democratic Party. Just like the little bugs that are harmless in the Old World, they will be a total disaster. Because in North America there are no natural enemies of described by Marx and Engels. In Russia and China, who are unfamiliar with European culture, these tricks that most Europeans sneered at have successfully generated disasters in the East.

Hidden Face of Communist Tyranny

With these beautiful ideas, the Chinese Communist Party has recruited its members in one hundred years. Like all cults, the Party has taught the young man that the beautiful Garden of Eden is close. They need to be prepared to become a sacrifice in the war of liberation of all mankind. Such statement sounds better than seventy-two virgins waiting in heaven; how noble and great! These ideas attracted the vast majority of Communist members in the early stages of the CCP.

Why does CCP is a two-faced? It is because its basic theories and goals are self-contradictory. The party preaches beautiful ideals, including democracy and freedom, that is the only aspect of its ideology unveiled to the outside world.

The authors of the party's textbooks defined democracy as anarchism. Such proposition attracted mostly young intellectuals who were the majority of the early cadre of the Chinese Communist Party. However, the party members had concealed the essence of of Marxism-Leninism, which is dictatorship and tyranny.

Tyranny Reveals Its Face

It was not until the Gu Shunzhang case of a former security officer in the 1920s whom the party executed when most people apprehended the other side of the CCP’s brutal politics.

Kuomintang suppressed infiltration by the Zhou Enlai group, which attempted to launch a coup and harvest the fruits of victory in the Northern Expedition.

Zhou Enlai with his group had to retreat to the countryside and factories to recover. The group recreated the CCP bases in a relatively friendly rural climate.

As a result, the CCP’s focus also gradually shifted to these rural base areas. In the rural bases, the Communist tyranny revealed their fangs. In particular, it modeled the massacre and terrorist politics against young intellectuals with different opinions on the tyranny of Stalin in the Soviet Union. Both Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping were dead ghosts but spared under that terror. By then, the CCP had completed its transformation of Marxist-Leninists.

The Internet contains many articles exposing the CCP's tyranny during the Yan'an period. But with the beautiful ideals and cult rhetoric, the Communist Party fooled countless young intellectuals in the Kuomintang-controlled and the Japanese-occupied areas.

The core of the Communist ranks were farmers convinced that their loyalty to the leaders would earn them a good fortune. Therefore the Stalinist tyranny found a fertile land. The structure of the dictatorship of great leaders was already strong.

Wei Jingsheng - journalist, writer, and Chinese human rights defender. In the late 1970s he co-edited pro-democracy magazine Explorations. On 5 December 1978, he posted an essay which he authored on the wall. Entitled "The Fifth Modernization," Wei's essay was a response to Paramount leader Deng Xiaoping's essay, the Four Modernizations.Wei emphasised that fifth modernisation needs to be democracy. He was disappeared and unjustly imprisoned. Wei ultimately spent a total of 18 years in different prisons in Communist China. In 1996, European Parliament awarded Wei Jingsheng with prestigious the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. He is founder and director of Wei Jingsheng Foundation.

This essay published by Wei Jingsheng Foundation has been slightly edited.

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