UK: Defensive Weapons For Ukraine Not Enough Anymore

Britain had initially limited its supply of weapons to those classified as defensive.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said it was no longer good enough to only supply Ukraine with defensive weaponry to combat Russia’s invasion.

“For too long, there was a false distinction between defensive and offensive weapons. It became an excuse for some to drag their feet. That time has now passed,” Truss told parliament on Tuesday.

Britain had initially limited its supply of weapons to those classified as defensive, but has since spoken about expanding the arms it is supplying and using its military vehicle stock to enable others such as Poland to supply tanks direct to Ukraine.

Kremlin regularly protest against deliveries trying to target them with cruise missiles. Most recently, Russian leader Mr. Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov talk loudly about the utilisation of nuclear arms.

"Putin won't use nuclear weapons"

But London does not believe in Moscow repeated threats of nuclear war.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday he did not expect Mr. Putin to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine if he faced more military failures in the country.

Mr. Johnson told Talk TV he thought Putin had enough political space, and support in Russia, to be able to back down and withdraw from Ukraine.

Asked if he expected Putin to consider using tactical nuclear weapons if he suffered more military failures in Ukraine, he said he did not think that would happen.

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