Vegan Diet Prevents Brain Development

Vitamins for A Better Skin Care


Amy Myers, MD provides essential knowledge on how to nourish and maintain healthy skin, naturally by consuming the optimal nutrients in your daily diet:“Also known as retinol, vitamin A is converted into retinoic acid in the body. Retinoic acid can influence cells in layers of the skin10 and regulate skin condition. Vitamin A is also considered an antioxidant that can help protect against sun damage.”

Healthy Diet For Healthy Skin Amy Myers, MD AmyMyers

A Management of A Child’s Immune System


The University of California investigated why certain individuals have more difficulty combating the flu, compared to other individuals: “Our immune system often struggles to recognize and defend against closely related strains of seasonal flu, even though these are essentially the genetic sisters and brothers of strains that circulated just a few years ago," said lead author Katelyn Gostic.”

Childhood Experience With Flu Affects Immune System In Adulthood University of California Science Daily

The Housework A Natural Gym

Jenia Ratcliffe reports on the incidental benefits of completing housework and gardening for your fitness and overall wellbeing: “Spend half an hour each on some vacuuming, window washing and lawn mowing, and you could burn as much energy as a vigorous circuit training class at the gym.”

Housework Is Beneficial For Your Health Jenia RatcliffeABC

Vegan Diet Prevents Brain Development

Zaria Gorvett provides a comprehensive scientific explanation, on why adopting an exclusively vegan diet can hinder an individual’s intelligence and overall development of brain health: “In fact, there are several important brain nutrients that simply do not exist in plants or fungi. Creatine, carnosine, taurine, EPA and DHA omega-3 (the third kind can be found in plants), haem iron and vitamins B12 and D3 generally only occur naturally in foods derived from animal products, though they can be synthesised in the lab or extracted from non-animal sources such as algae, bacteria or lichen, and added to supplements.”

How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence Cheryl Whitten BBC

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