Wuhan Biological Weapon Pneumonia




In countries, with no freedom of speech and no transparency, rumours are more credible than official news.


The Wuhan neo-coronavirus is now the world's most-watched event. More and more news headlines say that this virus escaped from the Chinese Communist Party’s biological weapons laboratory.

Recently, I conducted a test on Twitter, quoting a foreign expert, who cleaned the Communist Party of China; I deliberately left no comments to observe everyone ’s true reflection. I would divide replies to two different categories.

One was a wave of anger, extreme anger, and even Wu Mao was as angry as everyone else. The other was one-sided.

Everyone can see, that this virus incident is not a natural disaster, but a human disaster.

Even the French expert, corrupted by the CCP, acknowledged that this time the virus could have not naturally mutated, but the scientists had to split it in the laboratory.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology immediately became a target of international concern. Decades ago, the international community had been paying attention to CCP's research on biological warfare. It's just that there is no conclusive evidence, nor dare to offend the CCP, so no country came out to formally condemn it. But some news mentions the fact that the deadly virus that destroys human beings comes from Wuhan.

Not all of the news can be fully trusted, but either they cannot be completely rejected. A story may not be adequately documented therefore the mainstream media and officials cannot reveal it. But the informal news sources can report it. Like Chinese rumours, you can't trust it, but you should believe it. In countries, with no freedom of speech and no transparency, rumours are more credible than official news.

Did any evidence support the rumour about the origins of the Wuhan virus? The Western intelligence agencies had obtained precise information about the CCP's biological weapons research program and learnt that the Wuhan Laboratory was the crucial element of that activity.

Nobody, however, expected that the CCP's civil strife and the mismanagement would intentionally or by chance cause a leak of a deadly virus that led to this huge disaster in the country.

Recently news media reported that the female scientist responsible for manufacturing the virus came forward to deny that fact, and said that she would vouch with her life to guarantee that the virus had nothing to do with the Wuhan laboratory.

She knows that if she does not issue a denial, CCP will find some scapegoats, and she will die too.

It is important to know, that in her paper, published in Western scientific journals she proved that they have had split the viral genes, and also focused on the splicing on pneumonia virus. The West did not dare to offend China, so Communist China responded with arrogance.

If possible, the CCP will continue to keep secrets, trying to cover up the crimes of conducting biological warfare research. That would work to prove the innocence of these scientists, and convince some part of the world that everything was purely accidental. The CCP has covered up the epidemic since the beginning, and since then it has been trying to cover up the facts.

This time the highest authority, the epidemic leadership group is also a group of propaganda department cadres. They attempted to cover up the facts.

Since the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party too are becoming more and more aware of the origins of the virus, Communist China should launch the vaccine research using the real source of the virus.

International cooperation and the early development of a vaccine to control the spread of the disease is the only way to stop the continuing expansion of this disaster.

Some hope that the Communist Party and Xi Jinping have the rest of the conscience and will spend their energy to stop the spread of the epidemic. Otherwise, the tragedy will become impossible to be hidden, and the traditional magic weapon will expire.



Wei Jingsheng  - the most famous Chinese dissident and human rights defender. He advises the Western governments and NGOs on Communist China. He is an author of pro-democracy manifesto "The Fifth Modernization", which was posted on the Democracy Wall in Beijing in 1978. He spent a total of 18 years in the Communist prisons.
In 1996, he was awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. He is a winner of numerous other human rights and democracy awards, including the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in 1996, the National Endowment for Democracy Award in 1997, the Olof Palme Memorial Prize in 1994, and the International Activist Award by the Gleitsman Foundation in 1993.

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