The mission of our movement and of the Republican Party must be to create a vibrant culture, and a great nation for all Americans. And that is what we are creating. Our brightest days are just ahead says Former US President Mr. Donald Trump.

It is not uncommon for women who have lost their unborn child to have feelings of guilt and start thinking about all the things that they should or shouldn't have done.

Mr. Rush Limbaugh (1951-2021) (Archives)

The most listened Conservative radio-talk show host who gave voice to pushed off and isolated by the Left died on Wednesday.

An Uyghur national flag. (Archives)

In the early history of Asian nations, the word "Uyghur" meant a person who was educated and represented high culture.

An image of the BBC World Service website with an article about the renowned English barristers' opinion that China has committed a crime of genocide. (Arch.)

The British state sponsored media suggested Uyghurs stated that China has committed the worst crime but the truth is different.

China's dictator cut on welfare subsidies and announced himself an achiever but poverty margin did not shrink, but contrary to that, it expanded due to the increase in the employment rate.