Dangerous Enemy Within


The majority of Australians are unaware that a dangerous enemy is growing within the country, who one day can threaten Australia's democratic culture. Chinese immigrants who understand it are standing by to help fight against it.


The outbreak of a new type of pneumonia in Wuhan was a man-made disaster created by the Chinese Communist Party regime, which put Chinese people all over the world at risk of infection and exclusion.

Despite this obvious fact, many Chinese around me are praising the so-called decisive measures of the CCP regime. Why? They only respect the reports published on the WeChat that have been reviewed by the CCP.

Many of my friends compared the CCP counteraction against the epidemic, to someone who first causes a person to fall, grants him crutches and after that states: you see, you could not walk without us. But Chinese people, like my friends and I will remain in the minority until Australia notices that the majority of the Chinese immigrants are arriving here with the ingrained values that are hostile towards democracy.

In this reflection about my country, I will try to explain why and how this status-quo has to be changed if Australia wants to help the Chinese who are yearning democracy.

A Bribe is a Duty of an Chinese Entrepreneur

I moved from Mainland Communist China to overseas in 2017. I decided to leave my country because I could not operate my company, due to the rampant corruption of the government. I recorded great financial losses.

In 2013, I founded the first company, which was mainly engaged in hotel management. At that time, the news said every day that the government would deepen reforms, reduce taxes and fees for SMEs and simplify the company registration process. I naively thought that the CCP regime was supporting entrepreneurs, so I started my entrepreneurial journey with confidence. But the first step in getting a business license and operating permit made me understand that the government's promises were lies. 


To operate a hotel, you must obtain approval from the fire department, regardless of whether your fire protection system is qualified or not. As long as you bribe a large amount of money (about 200,000 yuan) to the person in charge of the fire department, you can obtain a business license issued by the fire department.

Corruption is an Essential Element of the System in China

The fire department has always been untouchable, since it is a part of the Communist's China military and the local governments have no authority to manage it. Therefore, it is likely that this kind of corruption still exists today.

After the hotel opened, I had to face routine inspections by the Health Department as well as the departments of Industry and Commerce. Every time the government inspectors checked my company, I had to hand each one a red envelope (2000 RMB per person).

Anyone who refuses to handover a red envelope receives a fine of 50,000 RMB.

The hotel needs to receive guests from all over the world. But the Internet firewall in mainland Communist China has blocked almost all popular websites from abroad including Google, Facebook, and YouTube. One day I installed a VPN system for the guests that allows circumventing the censorship. When three months later, the Communist police discovered it the investigators accused me of an involvement in illegal operations. Police detained me for fifteen days. The authorities punished me with the closure of the hotel for three months. It was a fatal blow to the hotel and I had to close my first company.


In normal country consumer laws help to resolve the disputes between a customer and a business, in Communist China it is an instrument for creating conflicts.


In mainland Communist China, an ordinary person may not directly experience the oppression from the CCP regime. The reason for that is the source of the Communist Party's revenue are the taxes of the enterprises. The government institutions are extorting payments from private enterprises under the guise of the controls. The institutions include industry, commerce, fire, health, urban management, police and even the disabled people's associations as well as the Red Cross. If normal country consumer laws help to resolve the disputes between a customer and a business, in Communist China it is an instrument for creating conflicts. With the Consumer Rights Protection Law, the Chinese Communist Party deliberately provokes disagreements between employees, consumers and enterprises. It stigmatises the owners of the corporations as "unscrupulous", enabling the government agencies to blackmail their firms.

The continued oppression of the private enterprises conducted by Communist China's regime prompted me to close my firm and leave the country. Many of my friends in the business circles, also closed their companies after 2016. Some of them retired and the others restarted their businesses abroad.

Encircled by the Chinese Communist Party in Australia

In every foreign country I have lived in, I observed that as long as there are many Chinese people, most of them do not integrate with the local community. Instead, they congregate in the local Chinatown consuming Chinese food, speaking Chinese, and searching for contacts within Chinese communities. Such is the lifestyle of most Chinese people who are living abroad.


The education system in Communist China offers only knowledge and skills, but it deliberately avoids teaching how to think. This education is deprived of democratic values.


The Chinese have accepted the duck-duck education method since childhood. The education system in Communist China offers only knowledge and skills, but it deliberately avoids teaching how to think. This education is deprived of democratic values. Coupled with the brainwashing of the Communist Party's ideological and political lessons, the Chinese have no skills to reason independently.

Chinese believe in what the Communist China tell them through the Embassy, the regime-controlled media within Australia and the operative of Chinese Communist Party inside the Chinese immigrants organisations. They are convinced that the Chinese Communist Party achievements resulted in the high economic growth rate and social well-being in the country. In their view, the Chinese Communist Party is always right. Chinese people are rejecting any views that are inconsistent with the current status-quo in Communist China. After they come to live overseas, they retain this brainwashed mindset.

The shortcomings in education of Communist China are obvious. The vast majority of Chinese people cannot comprehend English, despite having studied English at school for 12 years. The reason for this failure, may be omnipresent censorship in the form of a national firewall erected by the Chinese Communist Party.


A Dangerous Enemy Is Growing Within Australia

As a result, the average citizen can not access publications in foreign languages. CCP fostered Chinese Internet companies like WeChat, Weibo or Baidu which are submissive.

The Chinese Communist Party made the Chinese language its weapon and the Chinatowns as their base for infiltration of the foreign countries with their Communist ideology.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics noted in its Census 2016 release, the growing number of Chinese living in Australia. Australian citizens born in China constituted 8.4 per cent of the 25,415,000 population. Most of the new Chinese immigrants are families of the Chinese Communist Party officials and business operatives linked to them. All of them are corrupted. What is more important, they never broke their economic relations with Communist China. Therefore, they are obliged to support the Communist China regime. One can conclude that at least 90 per cent of new immigrants from Communist China have been brainwashed by the CCP.

Chinese immigrants who would like to build and support the democratic movements from Australia, were abandoned even by the politicians that campaign on the platform of democracy and human rights. The majority of Australian media are closing their eyes to the reality of a dangerous enemy growing within the country, who can threaten Australia's democratic culture. To the dismay of the Chinese who suffered persecutions from the hands of Chinese Communist Party officials. The media do not accurately present the goals and strategies of that organisation for Australia. As a result, an average Australian is not realising the scope and breadth of the evil and suffering this organisation has inflicted on the subjugated Chinese population.

Throughout the years, the policies of Australian governments have created dependencies on the Chinese market. What is surprising, the political elites opened Australia to Chinese immigrants who are hostile to Australian values. The facts revealed recently, indicated that the policies of Australian governments allowed the Chinese Communist Party, to tightly control the Chinese community in Australia whilst also corrupting political and business circles with huge donations. Fortunately, Communist China's arrogance lost them. Australian media exposed the facts and the political class dealt with the issues under the pressure of Australian citizens.

Elvin (lit. pseud.) Australian Chinese entrepreneur. He is Chinese democracy and human rights, advocate. He founded a pro-democracy and pro-freedom organisation D-Force in 2019. He is also co-founder of the initiative Pro-Democracy Van that educates Chinese in democratic values and teaches the nature and goals of the Chinese Communist Party to Australians.

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