About the Owner



The Owner Editors are professionals, University educated journalists with extensive experience in on-site, first hand reporting and editorial work at several major world media newspapers, magazines, radios, and television stations in Europe and the Americas.


Knowledge of multiple languages and cultures allows us to obtain information from first-hand sources and understand nuances, which semi-automatic newsrooms equipped with Artificial Intelligence ignore. But these nuances nearly always, determines how the news needs to be reported.


We are very likely the only medium that meticulously strives, for the preservation of the complete privacy of our audience. We do not spy on you even to check your IP.


Having more than twenty-five years of experience in journalism with an extensive network of contacts to politicians, specialists, public and private personas. Allows us to bring confirmed news and reliable opinions but we avoid the hurdle of usually slow and selective reporting of the so-called major networks and newspapers.


The audience cannot even imagine the degree of bias, censorship, and manipulation in the mainstream media. The news selection nearly always serves the political and business interests of their owners.

Yes, thousands of political and cultural filters prevent the audience access to the true and complete reports. This diagnosis correctly describes the current, sorry state of mainstream news and opinion media from so-called newspapers of the record to the major commercial televisions and stations.


It is why we established The Owner to pursue old-fashioned journalism focused on truth and reasonable commentary, because facts without opinions confuse instead of informing. A good, truthful, and reliable opinion always builds up and does not taint  the reporting.

We believe that specialised reporting is needed, but even more our current public debate needs a honest, traditional approach to the news. With information about the whole spectrum of the events and discussions on various aspects of our life that would help shape or facilitate our audience worldview.

It is our goal to provide an across-the-board view of the events, a panorama that would emphasise what, in our judgment, requires more attention of our audience.

We want to build up relation of trust with our audience, providing the highest quality information and opinion.

Therefore, we will never utilise such modern solutions like Artificial Intelligence, which unfortunately is widely utilised by thousands of newsrooms to increase profits of their owners.

But the main networks focused almost solely on the profits, are not interested anymore in truthful reporting but promoting certain suppositions needed for the political discourse of the moment.


At The Owner, we are different - and it is our advantage over the mainstream journalists working for individual Magnates (wealth owners of papers) or Collective Ones (the corporations). None of this media can be trusted and should be rejected by definition.


These media are tools of manipulation, deception and confusion, standing always on the side of those political and/or interest groups which are favored by the owners not readers. These media do not serve taxpayers, but they are exploiting them. We witnessed such behavior and rejected it.


At The Owner, we decided to initiate our goals, values and knowledge for which we were trained - to build media that ALWAYS stand on the taxpayer's side.



Honorary Board

Professor Norman Bailey - economist and political scientist. A Special Advisor to US President (1981-88)
Dr. Murray Gow - Old Testament scholar.
Mr. Dolkun Isa - President of World Uyghur Congress. Human rights defender.
Dr. Paul Kengor - historian.
Mr. Edwin Meese III - lawyer. 75th United States Attorney General.
Dr. Zalman Shoval - economist. Special Envoy to PM of Israel.



In Memoriam

William P. Clark - US National Security Advisor (1981-83)
Vladimir Bukovsky. - Gulag prisoner. Human rights defender.