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Accurate. Credible. Dissent

Thousands of political and cultural filters prevent the audience from accessing accurate and complete reports. This diagnosis accurately portrays the current state of mainstream news and opinion media, from so-called newspapers of the record to major commercial television channels and stations. At TheO, we stand apart by rejecting many methods and means of modern 'journalism,' including:

  • Ideological filter (Including gender philosophy dictate, naturalism etc.) 
  • Political filter (For example, hastened labeling of political opponents without thoroughly analyzing their views.)
  • Technological filter (Employment of bots and other surveillance methods to monitor the interests and activities of readers.) 

We are very likely the only medium that meticulously strives for the preservation of the complete privacy of our audience. We do not spy on you, not even to check your IP (see our Privacy Policy).

Our Editorial Line

Judeo-Christian Perspective

Our commentary reflects a Biblically faithful Christian worldview that the media respected for most of the time and abandoned only before World War I.

The statements that constitute the foundation of our editorial line include:

  • There are absolute moral truths; defining truth is not up to each individual.
  • The primary source of moral guidance is the Decalogue, the Bible.
  • Human dignity comes from being a child of God. It means that every person deserves to be treated with dignity
  • Under the ultimate sovereignty of God, all sovereignty in the social order begins with the human personae” not institutions including the family, the State, organised religion, the business corporation, the labor union, or academia. (formulated by CESJ)

We exert efforts to see things from God's perspective and respond to those perceptions in the way He would prescribe if He were to provide us with direct and personal revelation. (Abraham Kuyper, former Prime Minister of The Netherlands, journalist and historian)


Knowledge. Understanding

TheO editors have over twenty-five years of experience in journalism and have built an extensive network of contacts with politicians, specialists, and public and private figures. It enables us to provide confirmed news and reliable opinions. Our journalistic approach includes:

  1. Obtaining and confirming news from first-hand sources.
  2. Practicing traditional journalism, including having at least three independent sources to confirm the news.
  3. Being financed by subscribers only, with no external interests.
  4. Knowledge of multiple languages and cultures is essential for accurately understanding the news.
  5. Extensive experience in professional media, including editing national newspapers, opinion magazines, and newsroom management.
  6. We reject all forms of manipulation, including so-called "marketing strategies," and always advocate for the taxpayer's interests.

So act that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, always at the same time as an end, never merely as a means. (Immanuel Kant)

Honorary Board

Respectable. Honorable

Renowned individuals admired for their moral courage and brilliant expertise in their respective areas have voluntarily agreed to serve on TheO's Honorary Board.

None of the Honorary Board members are responsible for TheO's mistakes and errors.All faults are ours. The board members are:

  1. Professor Norman Bailey: economist and political scientist, Special Advisor to the US President (1981-88)
  2. Hon. Edwin Meese III: lawyer, 75th United States Attorney General
  3. Hon. Dr. Zalman Shoval: economist, Former Special Envoy to the Prime Minister of Israel, and diplomat
  4. Dr. Paul Kengor: historian


In Memoriam

We are thankful for the remarkable individuals who have supported us with their advice and bravery as Members of the Honorary Board throughout the years.

  1. William P. Clark: National Security Advisor (1982-83)
  2. Vladimir Bukovsky: Gulag prisoner. Human rights defender
  3. Dr. Murray Gow: Old Testament scholar