Navalny Jailed in Putin's Prison Camp

Russian opposition leader Mr. Alexey Navalny in the court room in Moscow in July, 2019. (AFP)

The goal of the Russian penitentiary system is not education but humiliation and transformation of a sovereign person into a slave of the regime.

For the past six months, the entire world has been interested in the life of Mr. Alexey Navalny. At first, it was poisoning, a hospital in Omsk, and lies of local doctors. Then a spectacular evacuation and treatment in the Berlin clinic followed. Disclosure owns poisoning, Mr. Navalny's conversation with an FSB officer, and lies Putin. Then return to Russia, arrest, a film about the Putin's palace, courts, more courts, last words, sentence.

Dozens, if not hundreds of millions of people all over the world, without ceasing followed the one person. Because this man is Putin's main enemy.

The sentence to prison was a signal that according to Putin's plan there needs to be silence. Two and a half years long-awaited silence of Mr. Navalny.

Yesterday Mr. Navalny in a short humorous letter confirmed that he is indeed in the penal colony.

Correctional colony number 2 is one of the most restricted areas, the so-called red one. It is not prisoners who rule, but the administration, who utilises the prisoners as slaves.

Life in prison is one big torture from morning to evening.
It is a system designed to destroy personalities. It is a goal of Putin's prison.

After the prisoner var arrives at the gate prisoners leave. They must face the wall and squat. The police are beating them. It is the first welcome of new prisoners. It is a lesson for them that they would understand they are nobodies.

After the welcome, the administration conducts an inspection. A prisoner is being stripped naked and must squat again. After some time, he gets a uniform - pants, shirt, underwear, and jacket. It is a cloth for the next few years. After that, a barber shaves baldly. A guard takes photos.

A penal colony where Putin's regime jailed Mr. Alexey Navalny. The arrow indicates the prison's gate where guards welcome the inmates. (FBK)

Next is a visit to the psychologist's office. But he is not interested in any personal confessions or even talking to a prisoner. He gives a set of colored cards and asks to arrange them in their favorite order. Blue is a sign of calm, red and orange stand for willpower. Yellow is a desire for communication.

But the colony is everything but a place of any communication. The goal of guards is to isolate prisoners from each other.

A doctor inspects a prisoner but not him personally, only papers. If there is no information about the sickness in the papers, a prisoner is healthy and fit for heavy labor.

"I could not ask another convict for a spoon, because if he gave it to me, we would be reprimanded"

From there prisoner is led to the quarantine cells where he is forbidden to talk to the roommates. He has two square-meters for the next two weeks. It is a total isolation mode in the group of 60 people in the prison cell.

I could not ask another convict for a spoon, because if he gave it to me, we would both be reprimanded. According to the Internal Regulations, even insignificant personal belongings cannot be transferred to each other, told a political prisoner Konstantin Kotov who for 3.5 years was unjustly imprisoned because he demanded freedom for political prisoners in a single-person protest permitted by the law.

The administration of the colony puts pressure on inmates with such methods.

Life in that Putin's prison is an endless series of meaningless assignments. Nobody who comes there has ever lived in such a way being completely busy with following endless orders. Wake up, order to go to exercise, listen to the anthem, exercise, then order to make the bed. After that another order to make the bed again. Or take off all your clothes, fold them and put them on the shelf and a minute later put on again. Then an order to line up and to report - all of this happens dozens of times a day.


Russian leader Vladimir Putin. (Kremlin)


During the report a prisoner stands in the line and reports: surname, name, year of birth, article, beginning of the term, end of the term. Later the same prisoner may be instructed to repeat the exercise - squat or wave again hands. Or get an order to stand on one leg. Or an order to make the bed again. Inmates have to follow meaningless orders several times a day, the guards are simply mocking them. They break the prisoner's psyche.

A prisoners is subjected to the endless orders to do meaningless things

Once per day prisoner enters a top security barrack to participate in the collective entertainment. For example, it may be the collective watching the television. The prisoners must-watch state propaganda channels, or some propaganda lectures. They are seating in rows with their back straight, and legs pressed together. A guard gives a reprimand if someone sits incorrectly. Guards also watch that the prisoner would keep their eyes open. Guards beat him if he closes his eyes.

Some prisoners are punished with reporting every two hours for days. Guards wake them up every second hour during the night and he must repeat the report to the camera.

Life in prison is one big torture from morning to evening. It is a system designed to destroy personalities. Those who leave the colony are psychological and physical wrecks. It is a result of Putin's prison.


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