Socialist Systemic Injustice


The injustice was an indispensable pillar of the socialist economic, legal, and social order, that for outsiders appeared, as a state, superior to the capitalist one.

The crime and offense are integral elements of the socialist society where the social and legal order is mirroring the character of the ruling regime. It is not an exaggerated statement but the conclusion that should be taught at every Western University until it is not too late.

This evidence which confirms the assessment is abundant in the archives of the secretive socialist states that the enlightened politicians opened after thirty years to educate new generations. While KGB Colonel, who is current Russian leader Mr. Vladimir Putin, prolonged the term of the secrecy of the archives of the evil KGB, Soviet secret police, for another 50 years, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania opened its archives for the researchers.

The secret police files are an extremely important source of facts about life under the socialist system. The acts and words of both heroes and Judases have been recorded in millions of pages. These documents should serve as a warning that the socialist experiment was not only a failure but the hell on earth.

The degree of the moral depravity of the functionaries of so-called security services and other state officials is unfathomable for a Western audience raised in the democratic system.

The goal of the state regime was to destroy the moral and philosophical foundation of the nations that its citizens would never dare to think that they could be liberated. The regime humiliated and dehumanized millions claiming to the outside world that it was building society superior to the one in the capitalist world.

The reality was evil of Apocalyptic dimension that in the age of naturalism and renewed sentiment for the imagined socialist paradise is difficult to communicate.

How can one report about mothers and fathers betraying their children who had tried to oppose the inhumane policies attempting to create a New Socialist Men? What can be compared to the acts of spying and denunciation by their children of parents involved in the opposition underground movements or just listening to the foreign radio stations?

The reality was evil of Apocalyptic dimension

Is it science-fiction? Not. It happened.

Forty-seven years ago, on September 6, Mr. Vylegzhanyn Ilya, an inhabitant of Kyiv, then the Soviet Republic, had reported to KGB that he knew the person involved in the distribution of anti-socialist literature. The secret police turned him into the agent provocateur who was supposed to spy on that person.

Mr. Vylegzhanyn had learned that the man received the prohibited literature in Moscow, where he traveled frequently. A man trusted Mr. Vylegzhanyn. He showed the banned newspapers to him and revealed that he had planned to visit the Soviet capital again.

Mr. Vylegzhanyn diligently reported every word of his discussion and passed literature to KGB. The Soviet secret police had arrested not only one man but all of the friends whom he mentioned in talks with Mr. Vylegzhanyn.

Mr. Vylegzhanyn firmly believed that a man was demoralised because it was his son. During the meeting with KGB, Mr. Vylegzhanyn stated that his son was an enemy of the socialist state, and he opposed the education by his parents, therefore he deserved to be sent to… GULAG.

The secret police archives of the socialist states reveal what is really systemic injustice

There was one more detail about Mr. Vylegzhanyn’s son - he was Christian. When KGB functionaries learned it, the department increased efforts to obtain the evidence that would allow sentence a man for at least five years in GULAG in Siberia. The Soviet court in Kyiv sentenced Mr. Vladimir Vylegzhanyn and his seven friends to 5 years of the labor camp each.

For the socialist ruling elites deprived of moral conscience, the imprisonment of innocent and dissent was a great achievement. Director of KGB in Ukraine, General Fedorchuk, announced it during the conference with the top Communist Party leaders.

But the Communist Party believed that the reason for their perverted joy had to be hidden forever. On October 16, 1973, KGB officials put the stamp “top secret” on the files that were evidence of the depravity.

Thanks to the heroes, on both sides of the Iron Curtain, who believed that socialism is evil the morally fallen regimes collapsed. Other heroes managed to win the battle over the opening of the secret police archives that fully reveal authentic systemic injustice.

But the socialist regimes in other parts of the world are following the traces of their Soviet evil predecessors.

On September 6, 2020 Communist China’s propaganda informed about the arrest of an American teacher whose contract was terminated because he distributed Christian books. The school where he had taught for five years also removed more than 200 English books he donated to the library, including Mark Twain’s autobiography and works of theologians Dietrich Bonhoeffer and CS Lewis, he said.

The public security department in the southern province of Hainan has gone so far as to offer rewards of up to US$14,600 for tip-offs leading to the arrest of foreigners who “engaged into religious activities without permission”. This includes teaching religion, evangelising and networking.

In democratic societies, denunciations, spying, and preventing a citizen from practicing Christianity are punishable crimes against human rights.

In socialist societies, they are the norm, which is encouraged with high rewards and other incentives.



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