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2,500 Illegals Infiltrate Spanish Border



The highest inflow rate of migrants since the immigration crisis since 2015 forced Spanish leader to cancel his foreign visit.

Illegal migrants invaded the Spanish enclave on the African coast of Ceuta. In one day, about 6 thousand, including about 1.5 thousand minors, entered the Pyrenean kingdom from Morocco. It was the biggest infiltration of the border since the immigration crisis when the record daily inflow was 1,500 a day.

On Tuesday, small and big groups reached the shores by rubber boats.
At least one person has drowned in the rough seas and the guards rescued several injured. African migrants could overcome border protection measures.

The military had to help local law enforcement agencies to cope with the inflow of migrants. The Ceuta authorities opened the stadium to accommodate the illegals since the transfer centers are packed

Minister of Internal Affairs of Spain Fernando Grande-Marlasca informed that authorities expelled at least 1.5 thousand, and this process will continue. The Spanish government does not know how to deal with 1,500 unaccompanied minors. International law bans their deportation. Some immigrants are aware of this loophole and falsify their age.

The passivity of the Moroccan border security led to the massive migrant infiltration of Ceuta. It occurred amid diplomatic tensions between the kingdom of Morocco and the kingdom of Ceuta, the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais observed.

Reason? The hospitality of Spain to the leader of Ceuta.
The leader of the Polisario Front and President of the Sahara Arab Democratic Republic Brahim Gali is undergoing treatment for the Wuhan virus in Spain. Morocco did not appreciate this gesture.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez canceled his visit to Paris due to the tensions.  France is holding a summit to discuss the debt cancelation for Sudan.


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