Privacy Statement

Unmatched Respect Of The Audience

Theo is committed to being the sole platform that rigorously safeguards the complete privacy of our audience. We respect your privacy to the extent that we do not even monitor your IP address.

Only Self-Destructive.

Non-Harmful, Easy To Remove If Needed

Theo utilizes a session cookie solely to facilitate your login. This cookie is designed to disappear once you log out, ensuring your browsing experience is seamless. If it persists, you can remove it from your browser settings.

Third-Party Cookies


Theo does not generate any cookies other than those necessary for your login. Any third-party cookies you encounter are from ads and external elements, not from us. However, we don't accept any advertisements or these cookies, and we're open about this.



Rest assured, TheO prioritizes your privacy. We do not accept public comments as these services require registering, at minimum, a user's IP identification. This is part of our strict policy to protect your data.

Subscriber Login

Fully Controlled By The Subscriber

Our system securely stores our subscribers' login, password, and email. We want to assure you that none of these data will ever be shared with anyone, maintaining the confidentiality of your information.

We mail TheO's newsletter to these email addresses upon request. However, you can easily adjust this option anytime by using the link in the newsletter or on the user's page.


External Trusted Services

All payments are processed through independent services like PayPal or others, so we do not collect sensitive, personal data. All data users submit goes directly to the respective e-payment services or a bank.