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Afghanistan: Several dead in grenade attack in Kabul


Twenty-three shells hit mostly residential areas triggering also alarm in the green zone with the embassies and government buildings.

At least eight people were killed when numerous mortar shells hit the Afghan capital, Kabul. A further 31 people were injured in the attack, said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. According to this, twenty-three shells hit mostly residential areas. There was no immediate information on who was responsible for the attack.

According to eyewitnesses, several embassies triggered the alarm in the heavily secured green zone of the city. Some local media reported that the explosion also affected the place that houses embassies and international firms.

The state broadcaster RTA published photos of a burnt out pickup truck from which the grenades are said to have been fired. The radical Islamist Taliban denied being responsible for the attack.

A similar attack had already taken place in August. Several people were injured and killed when more than a dozen rockets hit Kabul. At that time, the terrorist militia "Islamic State" claimed the attack for itself. Vice President Amrullah Saleh announced a few weeks ago that he would ensure more security in the capital. On Saturday, Saleh announced that he had not yet achieved these goals.

US Secretary Mike Pompeo to speak to the Taliban delegation

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had announced before the attack in Kabul that he would speak to the Taliban negotiating delegation on a visit to Qatar. The USA signed an agreement with the Taliban at the end of February that provides for the gradual withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan. In return, the Taliban committed, among other things, to peace talks with the Afghan government.

The incumbent US President Donald Trump recently announced that he would accelerate the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. In mid-January, only 25.00 US soldiers are said to be in the country. It was an election promise made by Trump to end the US "endless wars". Military specialists have warned against a hasty withdrawal.


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