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Australia’s WFP Donations 5 Times Higher than China’s


Women in line for food assistance at the outset of the pandemic in March in Cameroon. (WFP/Glory Ndaka) 

The world was facing “a hunger pandemic” and multiple famines of biblical proportions. There are currently 151 million people facing acute hunger, including 31 million at severe risk across 40 countries, according to new report.

As of 27 December, 2020 Australia donated the US $ 53,019,334 to World Food Program, which assisted 97 million people in 88 countries in 2019. It was the largest humanitarian aid offered to the largest group of nations in the decade based on the organisation's record.

The donation was five times higher than China's, which chipped US $ 11,6 million, less than Chad, Mozambique, Mali, or Benin, with their GDP three and five times lower. Communist China-funded 0.06 per cent of the total budget of this critically important initiative.

Beijing's regime chose to spend on preparations for war, but it was not going to participate in the recovery of the world from the pandemic it caused.

According to figures released in December, there are currently 151 million people facing acute hunger, including 31 million at severe risk across 40 countries.

Those numbers are only going to grow in 2021, stated Margot van der Velden. I don't see any reason why they wouldn’t, she emphasised.

You'll continue to see most of the severe food insecurity in areas where there is conflict—coupled with access constraints, she added.

This will make “staying and delivering in ever more complex and insecure environments” a huge challenge—and it’s why WFP is calling for US$5 billion to set up a rapid-response fund and do its utmost to make sure famine does not happen.

Since the outset of the pandemic, WFP has managed to deliver programmes that save and change lives against the odds—the projection that the IPC figure of 135 million food insecure people for this time last year would be pushed to 270 million by December didn’t materialize.

The United States funded 43 per cent of the WFP budget with the donation of US $ 3,643,206,901. It was nearly 50 per cent increase in funding in the last four years by Trump administration.

The most powerful economy in Europe, Germany's donation was three times lower.



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